XDefiant Release Date Delayed: What Can Players Expect Next!

FPS fans all over the world are excited about XDefiant, a free-to-play arena shooter being made and released by Ubisoft. It has a lot of maps and game types to choose from, as well as quick online matches based on factions. The game recently had a public test session. Ubisoft has since posted that the soon-to-be-planned preseason launch has been pushed back forever because of new problems that have been found. 

Ubisoft’s message about the XDefiant delay starts by thanking everyone who tested the first-person shooter in public. They say that the test showed how much players appreciated the fast-paced gunplay, uniquely crafted maps, objective-driven modes, and iconic Faction roster. The studio appreciates the PTS testers, but the event also brought to light some inconsistencies in the game experience that we need to fix before we start our preseason.

After noticing these problems, Ubisoft has made the hard decision to delay the preseason of XDefiant.The creator has not yet announced a new date for when XDefiant’s preseason will be available. The team will keep testing them themselves to fix these problems for now, and they’ll share more information about preseason and testing as it comes in.

XDefiant Release Date Delayed

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XDefiant Previous Release Date

Ubisoft originally planned for the shooter’s preseason phase to come out in the summer. On its website, the company said, We are planning to launch XDefiant later this summer after our open session. Our most recent session was in September, and the preseason part is meant to be XDefiant’s first step as a game. It will last for six weeks and have the same groups and maps as the “insider sessions and closed beta.

Ubisoft says that fans can expect changes to the game every three months after the test launch. As part of these regular updates, there are “new weapons, maps, events, and a new faction.” Since the creator talked about possible player testing when they announced the delay, it’s possible that XDefiant will get yet another public session after any changes or fixes are made before the preseason and later content.

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