Enhancements in the Pipeline: WhatsApp’s Future Features Unveiled

As WhatsApp continues to evolve, a slew of new features is on the horizon, promising a more seamless and enriched user experience. From an integrated AI chatbot to improved status updates and changes in backup storage options, let’s explore the exciting developments that WhatsApp has in store for its users.

1. AI Chatbot Integration

In a move to enhance user interaction, WhatsApp is venturing into the realm of artificial intelligence with the introduction of an integrated AI chatbot. Meta, the parent company of WhatsApp, announced this feature in September, relying on the advanced Llama 2 large language model to facilitate fluent and realistic conversations. Partnering with Microsoft Bing ensures that the chatbot can address user queries through web searches.

1.1 Spotting the Chatbot in Beta

The latest WhatsApp beta version (v2.23.24.26) reveals a new shortcut strategically placed above the Chat button. This shortcut aims to provide users with quick access to the AI chatbot, allowing them to perform various tasks within the application seamlessly.

1.2 User Convenience at the Forefront

The integration of the AI chatbot directly into the WhatsApp interface is a user-centric move. This shortcut streamlines the process, saving users time and effort. While currently available to a select group of beta users, the feature is expected to roll out widely in the coming days, offering a more intuitive and efficient WhatsApp experience.

2. Revamped Status Update Access

2.1 Elevating the Status-Checking Experience

Status updates have become a staple feature in messaging apps, allowing users to share multimedia content and textual updates. In the latest beta version, WhatsApp is refining the way users check status updates. Traditionally, tapping the profile icon acted as a back button, but a shift is underway.

2.2 Profile Icon as a Status Gateway

With the upcoming update, users will be able to tap the profile icon within conversations to view contact stories and updates. This change simplifies the process, making it more convenient for users to stay connected with their contacts’ status updates. Currently available to some users, this feature will gradually expand to a broader audience.

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3. Changes in WhatsApp Backups

3.1 Shift in Google Drive Storage Dynamics

WhatsApp backups have long enjoyed unlimited storage on Google Drive. However, a significant shift is looming, as these backups will soon start counting toward users’ Google Account cloud storage limit.

3.2 Impact on Storage Habits

For many WhatsApp users, who heavily rely on the app for communication and media sharing, this change may pose challenges. Starting next month, WhatsApp backups will contribute to the 15GB free storage shared across Drive, Gmail, and Google Photos. This alteration encourages users to reconsider their storage habits and explore alternative backup solutions.

3.3 Exploring Future Alternatives

As Google phases out unlimited storage for WhatsApp backups, users may seek alternative solutions. The possibility of WhatsApp exploring partnerships with other cloud services or leveraging Meta’s servers for backups remains open. The transition period will likely witness users adapting to these changes and evaluating the most suitable backup options.


WhatsApp’s commitment to innovation is evident through these upcoming features. The integration of an AI chatbot, improvements in status update access, and adjustments in backup storage options collectively contribute to a more dynamic and user-friendly platform. As these features gradually roll out, users can look forward to a WhatsApp experience that aligns with the evolving landscape of communication and technology.

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