Unveiling the Best Nintendo Switch Deal for Black Friday: Super Smash Bros. OLED Bundle

As Black Friday unfolds, gaming enthusiasts are in for a treat with one of the best Nintendo Switch deals hitting the market—the Super Smash Bros. OLED Bundle. Although available since November 19, Amazon’s Black Friday reveal has stirred significant excitement, positioning this deal as one of the most enticing offers for the gaming community.

The Ultimate Bundle

Priced at $349.99, this bundle stands out as the best Nintendo Switch deal for Black Friday, and it’s poised to carry its allure into the realm of Cyber Monday. The package includes the Nintendo Switch OLED Model, a digital download of the iconic Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, and a three-month subscription to Nintendo Switch Online.

The Power of Super Smash Bros. Ultimate

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate is hailed as one of the finest games ever created, showcasing a vast array of content that transcends its fighting style. Boasting an impressive roster of 89 fighters, along with an abundance of stages, spirits, and music, the game serves as a testament to gaming excellence.

OLED Edition: A Visual Marvel

What elevates this bundle is the inclusion of the Nintendo Switch OLED Model. With a larger and superior screen, the OLED edition enhances the gaming experience, providing vibrant visuals and a more immersive environment.

Special Edition Joy-Con Controllers

Adding to the appeal, the bundle features special-edition Super Smash Bros. Joy-Con controllers. These unique controllers not only enhance the gaming aesthetics but also contribute to the overall gaming experience.

Savings and Extras

Purchasing this bundle offers savings of approximately $65 compared to acquiring the Nintendo Switch OLED Model without the special controllers and additional extras. The three-month Nintendo Switch Online membership grants access to classic Super NES and NES games, making it a well-rounded package for gamers.

Perfect Gift for Christmas

Positioned as the best Nintendo Switch gift for Christmas, this bundle provides immediate gaming gratification. The recipient can dive into the world of Super Smash Bros. Ultimate and enjoy the benefits of the included Nintendo Switch Online membership during the festive season.

Nintendo Switch Online Membership Deals

For those seeking additional savings, Black Friday also brings deals on Nintendo Switch Online (NSO) memberships. The NSO + 12-Month Expansion Pass is available for a discounted price, offering access to an extensive range of content.

As the Black Friday excitement continues, gaming enthusiasts have the opportunity to capitalize on this exceptional Nintendo Switch deal, unlocking a world of gaming excellence with the Super Smash Bros. OLED Bundle.

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