The Immortal God Roll Guide for PVP and PVE in Destiny 2!

The Immortal is the latest thing Saint-14 has made for players in Trials of Osiris. The Immortal is a 750rpm Strand SMG with an aggressive frame that has a lot of great features. It’s hard to choose a role because it’s quickly becoming one of the most wanted guns. Today, we’ll tell you how to get it, what the best rolls are for PvE and PvP, and why it’s worth chasing.

The Immortal God Roll in Destiny 2

With the release of Destiny 2: Lightfall, the Immortal Submachine Gun was added to the Trials of Osiris. This is one of the few SMGs that can give Strand damage. It goes in the Kinetic slot and is a great addition to Strand builds.

It might not have the best damage perks, but it does have a few that improve its stats in very specific ways. Here are the god rolls you need to be an Immortal in both PVP and PVE. Many players are happy to get God to roll on the immortal. One such player Tweeted about it, Which you can check out below.

PVP – the Immortal God Roll

Almost perfect recoil direction characterizes the 750 rpm Immortal SMG. This lets you focus on other stat-boosting benefits. A roll that improves Range, Stability, and Handling is great for PVP. If your playstyle favors one or the other, use those rewards.

Ricochet Rounds with Corkscrew Rifling offer no limitations in stability, range, or handling. If exchange speed is important, choose Fluted Barrel. Once again, dealers choose the barrel and magazine. Perks in the first column do not boost damage. Every perk uses highly specific methods to boost at least one stat, occasionally more.

The Immortal God Roll

Rangefinder suits my playstyle because I need to extend an SMG’s range. If you like to keep your skills, consider Surplus. After PVP monsters can easily kill, Encore delivers delectable rewards after each kill. The second column of perks has amazing PVP possibilities like the first.

Some boost damage, some stats, and some weapon functions. I’ll always recommend Killing Wind, but Target Lock is so good you should find it. Kill Clip boosts damage if that fails. Pick a sensible Origin Trait for the remaining bits. Masterwork should also focus on your playstyle and areas for improvement. If you acquire an Adept version, use an Adept mod or Quick Access Sling to swap to your Energy weapon faster.

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The Immortal Gog Roll PVE

The Immortal is a PVP gun, although its last column bonuses are handy in PVE. PVE god rolls focus on a few key stats and one of maybe four bonuses, like PVP god rolls. First, Corkscrew Rifling and Ricochet Rounds improve gun stability, range, and handling.

If you fear hard-to-reach adversaries, increase Range. Even High-Caliber Rounds stun enemies. As said previously, the first perk column should fit your build. Perpetual Motion is easy to engage and hard to miss. Encore, which guarantees PVE kills, is another alternative.

The last column depends on your build. Strand builders should try Hatchling to test Threadling generation. Demolitionist is still fun. Kill Clip, and Target Lock boost weapon damage differently. The Immortal excels in Crucible and Trials of Osiris, but with the appropriate god roll, it’s great in PVE.

As always, start with the above gods, change out perks that don’t fit your playstyle, and search for ones that strengthen weaknesses. More weapon god rolls.

Some FAQs

Q: In Destiny 2 Season 20, how can I get The Immortal?

The Immortal is a Trials of Osiris weapon only. You can get it by doing weekend Trials of Osiris. You can focus your first roll with Trials engrams. You can also unlock it by earning Saint-14 rank 10. Adept versions of The Immortal are occasionally available to players with a flawless run or 7 Trials wins.

Q: What makes The Immortal valuable in Destiny 2’s meta?

The Aggressive Frame of the Immortal makes it a popular SMG for PvE and PvP. Strand weapons can synergize with new subclass-enhancing perks. Its PvE benefits include Hatchling, Demolitionist, Focused Fury, and Target Lock. Rangefinder, Encore, Target Lock, and Kill Clip make The Immortal a top legendary SMG in PvP.

Q: What are the best PvP god rolls for The Immortal?

Focus on the range in PvP. Roll Full Bore or equivalent barrels, Ricochet Rounds for range and stability, Rangefinder or Encore for the first perk, and Target Lock or Kill Clip for the second. Masterworks that boost range are great for PvP.

Q: What are the top PvE god rolls for The Immortal?

Range and reload speed must be balanced in PvE. Roll Hammer-Forged Rifling or Smallbore for barrels, Flared Magwell for faster reload, Threat Detector or Surplus for the first perk, and Demolitionist or Hatchling for the second. Masterworks for range or reloading suit your playstyle.

Q: Is Destiny 2 Immortal farming worthwhile?

Destiny 2’s Immortal is worth farming. It’s essential for PvP and a good pick for PvE. Great perks, stats, and meta frame type make it a valuable weapon. The Immortal has many fantastic god rolls, making farming easier. RNG can make it difficult. The Immortal is worth learning if you like PvP or need a strong Strand main for PvE.

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