The Ghost Fruit in Blox Fruits: Abilities, Moveset, and How to Get It

The Ghost Fruit in Blox Fruits offers a fresh and exciting take on gameplay with its unique abilities. In this article, we’ll explore all the latest information about this fruit, including its abilities, moveset, how to acquire it, and some tips and tricks for using it effectively in combat.

Ghost Fruit in Blox Fruits: What Does It Do?

The Ghost Fruit, previously known as the Revive Fruit, has undergone an upgrade in name, rarity, and abilities. As of Update 20, it is categorized as a Rare fruit under the Natural category. The fruit’s abilities make it one of the most popular devil fruits in the game.

One of its standout abilities is “Resurrection,” allowing the user to live a second life after dying. Upon resurrection, the user’s appearance changes, giving them translucent skin. Additionally, the “Vengeful Soul” passive ability turns the screen of the enemy green when the user hits them.

Ghost Fruit in Blox Fruits: Moveset

The Ghost Fruit offers a range of exciting moves for players to utilize:

  1. Shivering Possession [Z]: This move allows the user to pass through enemies and encase them in ice upon contact. After a short delay, the ice explodes, dealing additional damage.
  2. Spectral Release [X]: Spectral Release delivers massive AOE (Area of Effect) damage by summoning a large tornado of ghosts that slightly knocks nearby enemies away.
  3. Cries of the Underworld [C]: Similar to Spectral Release, this move affects a straight line. The user screams at a specified location, summoning vengeful souls that deal more damage as you hold the “C” key.
  4. Ghost Busters [V]: Despite its name, this move involves the user calling forth two ghostly clones to attack the enemy at a specified location. These clones can perform all the combat abilities of the user, including the equipped weapon or fighting style.
  5. Wandering Soul [V]: This move serves as a travel/escape mechanism. The user transforms into a ghost and can fly around, leaving behind ghostly trails.

How to Get Ghost Fruit in Blox Fruits?

Obtaining the Ghost Fruit can be challenging, as it is a Rare fruit. You can purchase it from the Fruit Dealer for a price of $940,000 or 1,275 Robux. If farming the required amount proves to be a daunting task, there is a catch for players participating in the Ghost Event.

During this Halloween-themed event, cursed chests may appear throughout the game. You can identify these cursed chests by their black color and emanating black smoke. Opening a cursed chest may lead to a max of three wraith enemies attacking you, but defeating them may reward you with Bones, ten minutes of double EXP, and, most importantly, the Rare Ghost Fruit.

Is Ghost Fruit Good in Blox Fruits? Tips and Tricks

The Ghost Fruit’s abilities are well-suited for players who prefer a run-and-gun combat style focused on mid-range damage. Here are some tips and tricks for effectively using the Ghost Fruit:

  • Use the knockback effects of Spectral Release and Cries of the Underworld to keep your enemies at bay.
  • Ghost Busters is a powerful asset in combat. Deploy your two ghost clones to harass your enemies while you cast other abilities from a safe distance.
  • Utilize Ghost Busters to confuse your enemy by making one of the clones appear as if it were you.
  • Initiate your Ghost Fruit combos with Ghost Busters.
  • Remember that you have the Resurrection ability, so don’t be discouraged if a low-health enemy defeats you. You can return for a second life to finish them off.
  • If a battle becomes too challenging, use the Wandering Soul move to escape and avoid reducing your bounty if you’re a pirate.

The Ghost Fruit has received a well-deserved upgrade and adds an exciting dimension to Blox Fruits’ gameplay. While the initial hype around this fruit may fade as more devil fruits are introduced in future updates, it remains a formidable choice for those who master its abilities.

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