Super Mario Bros. Wonder Release Date, Gameplay, Trailer, and More

The new Super Mario Bros. Wonder game is coming out later this year, which is a big deal because it’s the first new Mario game in over ten years. We’ve only seen one trailer for it, so it’s hard to say for sure if it’ll be good, but there are still some interesting things to learn from that trailer.

If you’re a fan of Mario games, there are some reasons to be excited about Super Mario Bros. Wonder. We’ve gathered all the information we have about the game so far, so whether you’ve been playing Mario games for a long time or you’re new to them, you can start getting excited about this upcoming game.

Super Mario Bros. Wonder Release Date

The Super Mario Bros. Wonder will be released on October 20, 2023. That’s two years after the last Mario game on Nintendo Switch and 11 years since the last 2D Mario game on Wii U.

People are really excited about this game because it’s been a long time since we got a new 2D Mario game. Plus, it’s the first one made for the Nintendo Switch, and it will only be available on that console.

Since it’s exclusive to the Nintendo Switch, the game seems to make good use of the Switch’s colorful OLED screen to make it look amazing. And there’s a cool new place to explore in the game called the Petal Isles.

Super Mario Bros. Wonder Gameplay

If you really like old 2D Mario games, the new Super Mario Bros game will feel like something you’ve seen before, just better. When you first see it in the trailer, it seems similar to the old Mario games but with nicer graphics and more expressive animations.

But when Mario starts exploring the new levels, you realize there’s a whole new world to discover. In Super Mario Bros. Wonder, they still focus a lot on the classic Mario gameplay where you move from left to right and jump around, but they’ve added some new things to make the game fun for both new players and those who played Mario before.

Besides the usual power-ups like mushrooms, fire flowers, and tanuki suits, Wonder has a brand-new power-up that changes the whole game world around you. The Wonder Flower looks a bit like the Ice and Fire Flowers, but it shines like it’s from outer space, not just one color.

Unlike other Mario items that come from ‘?’ Blocks, seem to magically appear when you’re in a less crowded place, like we saw in the reveal trailer. When you use the Wonder Flower in the game, it makes the game world more exciting.

It can do things like making objects come alive and letting Mario turn into a big spiky ball to help him go through obstacles. These are cool features you can’t do without the Wonder Flower. Take a look at our guide to find the release date for the RPG game “Lords of the Fallen.”

Super Mario Bros. Wonder Release Date
Screenshot by GameRumors

We don’t know everything about Wonder’s abilities or Wonder Events yet. There’s this thing called the Wonder Seed, besides the Wonder Flower, which they talked about in the reveal trailer. But we’re not sure what these are for.

Our guess is they might be something you collect now and use later, maybe by planting a Wonder Seed to grow a Wonder Flower. In this game, there are more than one new power-ups besides the Wonder Flower. Mario and his friends can use an elephant power-up to send enemies flying and break blocks.

They can also use a bubble power-up to trap and defeat enemies or create platforms to reach high places. Another power-up is the drill, which can be used to defeat tough enemies, drill through things, or move underground.

In the new Super Mario Bros. Wonder game, they’re adding special things called “badges” along with new power-ups. These badges will do different helpful things while you play. You can check our guide to find out when “Outlast Trials” will be released on PS5, PS4, and Xbox.

For example, one badge can make you bounce safely if you’re about to fall into hot lava, and another badge helps you pick up coins easily as you go through the game. You can get these badges by using something called “Wonder Seeds” in the game.

Super Mario Bros. Wonder Trailer

Even though many people were excited about it, we’ve only seen a few trailers for the new Super Mario Bros. Wonder game. The first one was shown during a Nintendo Direct on 21 June 2023. In this short two-and-a-half-minute video, we saw some of the levels we can play in the game, the enemies we’ll face, and some power-ups we remember from older Mario games.

We also saw a new power-up called the Wonder Flower, which seems to make the game look amazing and full of surprises. The game is coming out on October 20th, and we got to see Mario turn into an Elephant Mario at the end of the trailer.

Super Mario Bros. Wonder Story

Super Mario Bros. Wonder is about Mario and his pals going to a new place called the Flower Kingdom. They got an invitation from Prince Florian, who’s a nice guy. But as soon as they arrive, Bowser shows up and causes trouble by using a special flower. He merges with Prince Florian’s castle and makes a mess everywhere, like in the usual Mario games. So, it’s up to us to stop Bowser and fix things.

Screenshot by GameRumors

While the new Mario game keeps the basic 2D Mario style, it also adds some surprises. You can visit different islands called the Petal Isles, and they can be either straightforward or more open. The islands have lots of different scenery, just like you’d expect in a regular Mario game.

We know you can play as characters other than Mario in the game, like Yoshi, Luigi, Toad, Princess Peach, and Princess Daisy. You can also play as Nabbit or Yoshi. Each character can do different things in the game, but we’re not sure how much they can do in each level yet.

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