Immortals of Aveum: Seeking Redemption through Subscription Services

In the bustling landscape of video game releases, Immortals of Aveum may not have garnered the attention it initially hoped for. Launched in August as a magic-based first-person shooter, the game faced mixed reviews and reportedly struggled with sales.

However, the team at Ascendant Studios is not ready to throw in the towel just yet. In a recent interview with Windows Central, Ascendant Studios CEO Bret Robbins expressed the studio’s desire to bring Immortals of Aveum to subscription services like PS Plus and Game Pass.

1. Reflecting on Challenges

1.1 Sales as the Vital Metric

Robbins candidly acknowledged that the studio’s business hinges on selling games, and unfortunately, Immortals of Aveum did not meet the expected sales targets. This admission underscores the challenging nature of the gaming industry, where success is often measured by commercial viability.

1.2 Unique Attempt Despite Flaws

Despite facing middling reviews and sales challenges, Immortals of Aveum was recognized for its attempt to bring something relatively unique to the gaming landscape. The magic-based first-person shooter genre is not as saturated as some other categories, and the game’s distinct approach was a commendable effort, even if it fell short in certain areas.

2. Embracing Subscription Services

2.1 Strategic Pivot: PS Plus and Game Pass

In a strategic move to rejuvenate Immortals of Aveum, Ascendant Studios is eyeing subscription services like PS Plus and Game Pass. This shift reflects a growing trend in the industry, where underperforming titles find a new lease on life by joining subscription platforms. While this move may not directly translate to traditional sales, it opens doors to increased player engagement and visibility.

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2.2 The Allure of Subscription Services

Subscription services have become a lifeline for games seeking redemption. Ascendant Studios recognizes the potential of platforms like PS Plus and Game Pass in providing a fresh audience for Immortals of Aveum. The model allows players to experience titles without a direct financial commitment, potentially leading to increased interest and positive word-of-mouth.

2.3 No Set Date, But Confidence Prevails

While the studio does not have a confirmed date for Immortals of Aveum’s debut on subscription services, Robbins expresses confidence that it will happen. This optimism speaks to the belief in the game’s potential to find a more receptive audience in the subscription model, where players can explore the title as part of their existing subscriptions.

3. Industry Trends and Lessons

3.1 Following in the Footsteps of Others

The decision to explore subscription services aligns with industry trends, where live service projects and even divisive titles find a second chance in subscription lineups. The success stories of games entering subscription services are well-documented, showcasing the potential for a renewed player base and extended longevity.

3.2 Engagement vs. Perceived Value

While joining subscription services can boost player engagement, it also raises questions about perceived value for subscribers. Not all players may feel they are getting their money’s worth when titles like Immortals of Aveum headline monthly updates. Striking a balance between offering diverse content and ensuring subscriber satisfaction becomes crucial.


In the ever-evolving landscape of the gaming industry, the journey of Immortals of Aveum reflects the challenges developers face in the quest for success. Ascendant Studios’ pivot towards subscription services demonstrates a strategic adaptation to industry trends, where unconventional and underperforming titles find a potential avenue for redemption.

As the gaming community awaits the game’s debut on platforms like PS Plus and Game Pass, the industry continues to witness the dynamic interplay between creativity, commercial viability, and the changing landscape of player engagement.

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