Mastering the Art of the Cursed Dual Katana in Blox Fruits: A Step-by-Step Guide

In the adventurous world of Roblox’s Blox Fruits, where combat reigns supreme, wielding a powerful weapon can make all the difference. One such formidable weapon is the mythical Cursed Dual Katana, a fusion of two legendary swords – the Yama and Tushita.

In this guide, we’ll take you through the journey of obtaining this exceptional weapon and mastering its moveset.

The Cursed Dual Katana – A Legendary Weapon

Said to be “forged in the fires of both heaven and hell,” the Cursed Dual Katana stands as a testament to its immense power. With blades of mythical rarity, this weapon is considered one of the strongest in the game, capable of dealing devastating blows even to formidable foes like the Sea Beasts.

The Journey to Obtain Cursed Dual Katana

Obtaining the Cursed Dual Katana requires dedication and skill. Here’s a step-by-step guide to help you on your quest:

Step 1: Get the Yama and Tushita Swords: Before you embark on your journey for the Cursed Dual Katana, you need to possess the Yama and Tushita swords. These two legendary swords will be your key to unlocking the mythical weapon. If you don’t have them already, you can find detailed guides on obtaining these swords.

Step 2: Reach Mastery Level 350: To wield the Cursed Dual Katana effectively, you need to attain a Mastery Level of 350 for both the Yama and Tushita swords. This ensures that you are proficient with your weapons.

Step 3: The Cursed Dual Katana Puzzle: The next step involves solving the Cursed Dual Katana Puzzle, which is comprised of two scrolls, each with three trials. To qualify for this puzzle, you must be at least at level 2200.

Yama Scroll Trials:

  • First Trial: Pain and Suffering: Allow your character’s HP to be significantly reduced by an NPC or player.
  • Second Trial: Haze of Misery: Hunt purple-marked enemies on various islands.
  • Third Trial: Fear the Reaper: Venture to hell and complete specific tasks to proceed.

Tushita Scroll Trials:

  • First Trial: Dock Legend: Interact with three Boat Dealers on three different islands.
  • Second Trial: Sense of Duty: Participate in a Pirate Raid and defeat at least one pirate.
  • Third Trial: Soulless: Defeat the formidable Cake Queen in Ice Cream Land.

Step 4: Alucard Fragments and the Secret Floor: Completing each trial earns you an Alucard Fragment. Collect six of these fragments and place them on the mansion’s front pedestal to unlock a secret floor.

Step 5: Confront the Cursed Skeleton Boss: In this secret area, you’ll face the formidable Cursed Skeleton Boss. Engage in combat with this boss using your Yama or Tushita swords, and upon its defeat, you’ll be rewarded with the coveted Cursed Dual Katana.

Cursed Dual Katana Moveset

  • Revolving Ravager [Z]: Execute a spinning move that generates a destructive red tornado, pushing the target away before exploding. Holding Z increases damage.
  • Slayer of Goliath [X]: Dash directly towards the target, inflicting massive damage. Contact with the target results in an explosion. Holding X charges up for a longer dash.


Congratulations! You now hold the mythical Cursed Dual Katana, a symbol of power and skill in Blox Fruits. Practice its moveset, hone your combat abilities, and you’ll soon become a feared warrior in the Blox Fruits world. Whether you’re facing challenging foes or dueling with other players, this legendary weapon will be your trusted companion on your epic adventures. Enjoy your journey and the immense power that comes with the Cursed Dual Katana!

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