Last of Us 2 Remastered PS5 Pc Leak Every Details Explained!

According to a recent leak, Naughty Dog’s award-winning game The Last of Us 2 may be coming to the PlayStation 5 in the near future. The Last of Us 2 was released on the PlayStation 4 in 2020 to critical acclaim. However, major plot twists proved divisive among franchise devotees.

The original Last of Us games have been re-released numerous times by Sony and Naughty Dog. This featured a Last of Us remaster that transferred the PS3 game to the PS4, as well as a full-fledged remake named The Last of Us Part 1 that rebuilt Ellie and Joel’s bleak odyssey for the PS5. The Last of Us 2 appears to be getting a similar treatment since there are indications that the game will be updated for Sony’s latest technology.

Insider Gaming uncovered that Naughty Dog Lead Outside Artist Mark Pajarillo mentioned the unreleased The Last of Us 2: Remastered on his LinkedIn profile, which has since been altered to remove any reference to the game. Pajarillo’s profile didn’t mention anything else regarding The Last of Us 2: Remastered or when it could be released. However, one must assume that the game will be released on the PS5, and a PC port should not be ruled out.

Last of Us 2 Remastered PS5 PC leak

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Sony delivered The Last of Us to PC with The Last of Us Part 1, with the PC port arriving several months after the PS5 version. Sony has stated that it intends to bring more of its PlayStation exclusives to PC; the arrival of The Last of Us 2 on PC is a matter of when not if.

While many people would be content if the PS4 version of the game were moved to PC, a remaster with improved graphics and other potential improvements might make the game even more enticing to PC users. If The Last of Us 2: Remastered exists and is released on PC, it should avoid the same problems as the prior game.

The Last of Us Part 1 for PC debuted with a slew of bugs that hampered PC gamers’ enjoyment. Post-launch patches helped, but many PC gamers were disappointed that the game was released in a considerably worse form than its PS5 cousin.

Time will tell if The Last of Us 2: Remastered is true, but fans of the franchise should have enough to look forward to in the coming years. Despite the fact that The Last of Us multiplayer game is supposedly experiencing major issues, Naughty Dog is rumored to be working on The Last of Us 3, and HBO is planning a second season of The Last of Us TV series.

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