KEKW: The Origin and Rise of a Twitch Favorite!

You can use KEKW and Twitch chat together. If you’ve ever watched a Twitch stream, you’ve probably seen people using KEKW. Like Kappa, ResidentSleeper, and the controversial PogChamp, this is just one of those emotes with its own story. But we’ll save those stories for another time.

Because of a famous Spanish video of a guy laughing, KEKW became a Twitch emote. It got mixed up with some World of Warcraft terms. It’s now a popular move in Twitch chat. Let’s look into how it became such a big deal on chat.

What Does Kekw Mean in Twitch Chat?

On Twitch, KEKW is like a very famous emoji that means you’re laughing. It became popular in 2020 and is connected to the LULW emoji, which is another way of writing LOL. It has something to do with “KEK,” which is Korean for “laugh out loud.”

People on the other team will see LOL as KEK if you type it to someone on your team in the game World of Warcraft. The “W” at the end of these emoji names makes them even funnier on Twitch. Things like LUL and LULW show this.


How Did KEKW Twitch Emote Get Famous?

Most people agree that videos like xQc’s and AdmiralBulldog’s made the KEKW emote popular, which led to more people using it. LUL used to be very popular, but KEKW is quickly becoming more famous.

People who stream are making their versions of the emote for their viewers, and other versions like KEKWOW and KEKWhat are also showing up.

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Where Did KEKW Emote Start in the Game?

The word “KEK,” which came before “KEKW,” comes from the famous game “World of Warcraft.” Because of how the game is set up when a Horde player puts “LOL” (Laugh Out Loud) in the chat, an Alliance player sees it as “KEK.”

This funny in-game version helped come up with the name for the KEKW emote, which shared a piece of gaming culture with the rest of the internet.

Conclusion: KEKW, a popular Twitch emote for laughter, comes from a popular Spanish video and World of Warcraft gaming culture. In 2020, influential Twitch streamers and content makers popularized it, making it a funny addition to Twitch chat lingo, along with LULW. KEKW remains a streaming favorite because of its contagious charm.

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