Is WWE 2K23 Cross Platform? Can You Transfer Your Save Data to Other Devices?

Welcome to our guide about WWE 2K23. This new installment in the WWE game series brings exciting online features and works on different gaming systems. Today, we’ll answer two important questions: Can you play WWE 2K23 with friends on different platforms, and can you continue your progress on different devices?

WWE 2K23 offers a pleasant wrestling experience with many game modes, impressive graphics, and a realistic portrayal of professional wrestling. This has attracted both longtime fans and new players to enjoy the game.

As more people join the WWE 2K23 community, some questions have come up. People want to know if they can play with friends on other platforms and if they can continue their game progress when switching devices. We’ll explore these questions and give you the answers you’re looking for.

Is WWE 2K23 Have Crossplay?

If you want to play WWE 2K23 with your friends on different gaming platforms, unfortunately, it’s not possible. WWE 2K23 doesn’t support crossplay, just like previous WWE 2K games.

Is WWE 2K23 Cross Platform
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There’s no apparent reason for this, and there’s no sign that it will change in the future. However, things can change, so we’ll keep you updated if there are any new developments. Looking for tips on surviving in Raft Hard Mode? You’ll find the answers here!

Does WWE 2k23 Support Cross-platform Progression?

Yes, you can transfer your game progress from older to newer consoles or even switch between PC and Xbox. WWE 2K23 now lets you keep your progress across different platforms. So go ahead and enjoy your game on whichever device you prefer without losing any of your hard-earned progress.

In the Official FAQ for WWE 2K23, “Yes, Cross-Progression and Shared VC Wallet apply to Xbox and PlayStation console families – PlayStation 4 to PlayStation 5, and Xbox One to Xbox Series X|S. However, DLC items won’t carry over from one generation to another.”

Is WWE 2K23 Cross-Gen Xbox?

The Cross-Gen Digital Edition comes with WWE 2K23 for both Xbox Series X|S and Xbox One. It offers enhanced features, stunning graphics, and the best WWE experience.

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