Is Enlisted Crossplay? Gameplay and System Requirements Revealed!

You know what’s strange? Almost every big first-person shooter game released in the mid-2000s was set during WWII. Call of Duty, Medal of Honor, and a slew of dime store shooters all used the same setting to the point of boredom. After more than a decade, we’re back to World War II shooters. I suppose trends are cyclical, eh? So, if you want to play Enlisted, one of the newest WWII shooters, can you do so with crossplay?

Is Enlisted Crossplay

According to Gaijin Entertainment’s official Enlisted FAQ, all versions of the game, console, and PC have native crossplay support and are enabled by default. To be more specific, crossplay between PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X is enabled by default, while PC compatibility can be added to the game’s options.

Of course, this applies to the PC version as well, but if you don’t want to play games with players from other platforms, you can disable crossplay entirely from the options menu. This ensures that your matches are only populated by people who use the same platform as you.

A Twitter user praised the game enlisted and highlighted its crossplay feature in a Tweet; you can check out the Tweet below.

 If you’re playing the PC version, keep in mind that Enlisted is handled and launched using Gaijin.NET, the developers’ proprietary game client.  Your account is maintained through the Gaijin.NET launcher, so use that instead of Steam or the EXE file to launch the game.

What are Enlisted System Requirements?

Enlisted doesn’t use a lot of machine resources. On their website, it says that players need at least 8 GB of RAM and a Core i3 chip or something similar. But players should have at least 8 GB of RAM, a Core i5 CPU, or something similar.

There must also be a GPU. The bare minimum is the Nvidia GeForce 660, and anything above that, like the Nvidia GeForce 1060, is suggested.

Is Enlisted Crossplay

Enlisted Gameplay

You can play this game in a variety of modes. You can play squad mode, in which you command a group of AI squadmates and are matched with other players managing their own AI squads. You can customize your squad with a variety of weapons and load-outs throughout the game.

You can take control of your squad members at any time during the game and play as them, which adds a whole new depth to the game because the opponent you just killed may return to exact retribution as another commando.

Also, people and AI soldiers can resurrect after being shot, so you must ensure that they are truly dead when you shoot them. It also offers a standard mode where you may play with other people in a true PVP environment. Each group in the game is entirely customizable, and you can use your earned points to either upgrade that faction or spread them across many factions.

Enlisted may be able to keep you interested for a while if you’re looking for a shooting game with something different to offer.

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What is the Enlisted Ranking System?

The ranking method in Enlisted is easy to understand. In the game, each soldier has their own rank. As players finish tasks and kill enemies, they get XP and move up in rank. At the moment, soldiers can reach rank 5. Aside from that, there is also a general level-up system. As players level up, they can get new troops and tools.

As a game, Enlisted has a lot of potential right now. It almost got half a million views on Twitch, which shows that the game has a lot of potential.

Conclusion: Enlisted, a WWII shooter, has built-in support for crossplay, so players on PC, PlayStation 5, and Xbox Series X can fight with friends on other platforms. Dive into the open beta’s action-packed matches, which can be played across platforms or just on one.

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