Hunt Showdown Crossplay Explained: Which Platforms Can Play Together?

Hunt: Showdown has received regular updates, but does it allow full crossplay, which is a feature that many newer games provide by default? Here’s everything you need to know about Hunt: Showdown’s cross-platform support.

Hunt: Showdown is a multiplayer shooter in which you must hunt down monsters and other players in a dark and deadly environment. Crytek designed it, and it was released in 2018 for PC and in 2019 for PS4 and Xbox One.

Hunt: Showdown is frequently cited alongside titles such as Resident Evil and Red Dead Redemption. It just received an upgrade, which piqued some players’ interest in the crossplay support between platforms. So, here’s everything you need to know about the cross-platform features of Hunt: Showdown.

Is Hunt Showdown Crossplay?

Cross-play is possible in Hunt: Showdown, but not fully. This means that people with Xbox and PlayStation can play the game together, but people with PCs can’t. The game also lets people play on devices from different generations.

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PC gamers can’t play with console gamers because console controls aren’t as responsive and accurate when it comes to aiming and shooting. For PC players, though, this shouldn’t be a big deal because they’ve never had to wait a long time for a match in Hunt: Showdown.

Is Hunt Showdown Crossprogression?

Hunt: Showdown, unfortunately, does not support cross-progression. Cross-progression lets players maintain their progress, equipment, and stats across all platforms where the game is offered. For example, if a person plays on a PC and then changes to Xbox, their character and inventory remain the same.

This is not the case for players of Hunt: Showdown. They are unable to share or sync their progress between devices. If they switch platforms or consoles, they must restart from scratch. This is a disadvantage for players who seek more flexibility and convenience across platforms.

Hunt Showdown Crossplay

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Is There A Cross-Generation Hunt Showdown In 2023?

Yes, Hunt Showdown is cross-generation compatible, which means that players with earlier generation consoles (e.g., PS4, Xbox One) can play alongside or against those on newer generation consoles (e.g., PS5, Xbox Series X/S). This functionality expands the player base and ensures that friends who switch to newer platforms can continue to play together without restriction.

Crytek has made a concerted effort to optimize the game for both old and new-generation consoles, assuring a consistent gameplay experience across platforms. Although newer consoles may provide better graphics and smoother gameplay, the basic experience stays identical for all players, making Hunt Showdown a great choice for those who appreciate cross-generation multiplayer action.

Conclusion: Hunt: Showdown allows for limited cross-platform play between Xbox and PlayStation users but excludes PC players. Unfortunately, the game lacks cross-progression, which prevents players from transferring their progress across platforms. Hunt Showdown, on the other hand, will be cross-generation compatible in 2023, allowing players on both older and newer consoles to experience multiplayer combat together.

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