A Quick Guide on How to Turn Off Voice on Ps5!

When you get a PS5, it will walk you through setting it up and let you change some simple settings. One of them is called a “screen reader,” and as the name suggests, it reads all the text on the screen and also gives clear instructions. But it’s not a tool that everyone needs, so many gamers turn it off.

The good news is that this is a pretty easy thing to do. Find out how to turn off the voice in the PS5 settings by reading on.

How to Turn Off Voice on PS5

If your PS5 starts reading things out of the blue, you probably turned on the screen reader by accident or forgot to turn it off when you first set it up. This can be bothersome and isn’t always necessary, but there is a way to stop it.

  • Go to the home screen on the PS5.
  • Find the icon that looks like a gear in the top right spot.
  • Try looking up “accessibility.”
  • Scroll down to the bottom and click “Screen Reader.”
  • Choose “Enable Screen Reader” and make sure it’s turned off and that the choices that go with it are grayed out.
  • You no longer need the screen reader to use the PS5.

It really is that easy.

How to Turn Off Voice on Ps5

How Does the Screen Reader Get Enabled?

When you are setting up your computer for the first time, you won’t see the choice to turn on or off the screen reader. The reason is that if you wait 10 seconds, the PS5 will turn on the screen reader by itself. In short, if you did something else during the process, like get a drink, you’d unintentionally make it happen.

You can turn it off by following the steps above, or you can pause it by pressing the PlayStation button and the triangle button at the same time. The screen reader won’t work again until you press this number again.

  • Putting in place the Screen Reader
  • Follow these steps to turn the screen reader back on.
  • Go back to the PS5’s home screen.
  • Go to the menu and Settings.
  • Choose “Accessibility.”
  • click on  “Screen Reader.”
  • Turn on the feature and make sure that all of its choices are white and active.
  • Keep playing or try to change some settings.

People can set up how the PS5 screen reader works. You can change how fast the story is told since some people have trouble hearing fast speech. You can also switch the voice from the usual female to something else.

The volume is the last setting. Sometimes sounds that overlap can be annoying, but you also need to be able to hear what the screen reader is saying.

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Some FAQs

Q: Why does the PS5 screen reader sometimes turn on without my permission during setup?

A: The choice to turn on or off the screen reader is not immediately available during the first configuration of your PS5. If you do not make a selection within around 10 seconds, the PS5 may automatically activate the screen reader. This can occur if you are distracted or are not fully involved in the setup process.

Q: How do I temporarily suspend the PS5 screen reader if I need to turn it off?

A: To temporarily suspend the PS5 screen reader, press the PlayStation button and the triangle button at the same time. The screen reader will be halted until you touch these buttons again.

Q: Can I change the screen reader settings on my PS5 to suit my needs?

A: Yes, you can change the screen reader settings on the PS5. You can vary the speech rate from rapid to slow, change the voice from female to another option, and adjust the loudness to maintain clarity while preventing overlapping noises.

Q: Is the screen reader required to use the PS5, or is it optional?

A: The PS5’s screen reader is optional and not essential for regular use. Many gamers disable it if they think it is superfluous or inconvenient. You may easily disable it in the previously stated settings.

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