How to Obtain the Soul Guitar in Blox Fruits?

If you’re a One Piece enthusiast diving into the vibrant world of Roblox’s Blox Fruits, the quest for the Soul Guitar awaits. In this guide, we’ll unravel the steps to acquire this mythical instrument that harnesses the power of the undead.

Understanding the Soul Guitar: A Musical Menace

What Is Soul Guitar in Blox Fruits?

The Soul Guitar is a Mythical Gun introduced in Blox Fruits’ Update 17.3. This spooky guitar-like weapon wields the power to control the underworld, shooting guitar riffs using the energy of the undead. With overwhelming range and the ability to act as a formidable combo starter, the Soul Guitar is a unique and powerful addition to your arsenal.

Embarking on the Quest for the Soul Guitar

Step 1: Reach the Requirements

To initiate the quest for the Soul Guitar, ensure you meet the prerequisites:

  • Achieve at least Level 2300.
  • Possess 1 Dark Fragment, 5000 Fragments, 250 Ectoplasm, and 500 Bones.
  • Receive the random system chat message in the Haunted Castle area mentioning, “The light of a full moon peaks through the cloud.”

Step 2: Complete 5 Quests

  1. Kill Zombies on the Red Floor: Wield your prowess to exterminate all zombies on the Red Floor.
  2. Rearrange Board Signs: Manipulate the board signs to point towards more gravestones.
  3. Interact with the Ghost at the Top: Ascend to the top of the Haunted Castle and engage in a dialogue with the resident ghost.
  4. Decode Trophy Directions: Visit the Haunted Castle garden, note the trophy directions, and adjust the basement pipes accordingly.
  5. Match Floor Tile Colors: Align the color of the floor tiles with the horizontal pipes in the basement.

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Step 3: Craft the Soul Guitar Using the Weird Machine

  1. After completing the quests, access the Weird Machine in the basement.
  2. Craft the Soul Guitar by offering the machine 1 Dark Fragment, 500 Bones, 250 Ectoplasm, and 5000 Fragments.

Powering Up: Upgrading the Soul Guitar

To enhance the might of your Soul Guitar, seek the aid of the Blacksmith:

  • Pay 10 Magma Ores, 15 Dragon Scales, and 1 Dark Fragment.
  • Experience a 6% increase in the Soul Guitar’s damage.

Conclusion: Unleash the Musical Mayhem

As you follow these steps, the Soul Guitar becomes a testament to your prowess in the Blox Fruits universe. Equip this mythical weapon, feel the pulse of its undead energy, and embark on thrilling adventures that echo the legacy of One Piece. May your journey be filled with harmonious victories and musical mayhem!

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