How to Disable NameDrop in iOS 17

iOS 17 introduced a feature called NameDrop, allowing users to easily share contact information by bringing two iPhones together. While some users find this feature convenient, others have raised concerns about security and accidental sharing of personal information. If you prefer to disable NameDrop, here’s a guide on how to do it:

Steps to Disable NameDrop:

  1. Open Settings:
    • Launch the Settings app on your iPhone.
  2. Navigate to General:
    • Tap on the “General” option in the Settings menu.
  3. Access AirDrop Settings:
    • Scroll down and find the “AirDrop” tab.
  4. Toggle Off “Bring Devices Together” Option:
    • Once you are in the AirDrop settings, locate the “Bring Devices Together” option.
    • Toggle the switch next to “Bring Devices Together” to the off position.

By following these steps, you will disable the NameDrop feature on your iOS 17 device. If you ever decide to enable NameDrop again, you can revisit the AirDrop settings and toggle the “Bring Devices Together” option back on.

It’s essential to note that NameDrop is automatically enabled when you download iOS 17 or purchase an iPhone 15. If you have concerns about privacy and security, disabling NameDrop is a straightforward solution.

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