Honkai: Star Rail TGS Trailer New Five-Star Characters Revealed!

Honkai: Star Rail’s 2023 Tokyo Game Show trailer teases the debut of two brand-new five-star characters in Version 1.4. HoYoverse has already offered over 30 unique characters for players to gather in its RPG.

They included two new five-star characters, Imbibitor Lunae, and Fu Xuan, as well as a new four-star character, Lynx, in the previous Version 1.3 release. The latest HoYoverse trailer now gives fans a unique look at two upcoming characters.

Honkai: Star Rail players have something to look forward to with only a few weeks till the release of Version 1.4. Topaz and Jingliu are two new characters in HoYoverse. Jingliu was alluded to in the Xianzhou Luofu tale.

The update will also include a new four-star character named Guinaifen. Version 1.4 may possibly bring the game’s first re-run banner, according to speculations. To preview these upcoming personalities and features, HoYoverse has published an intriguing new teaser.

Honkai: Star Rail Tgs Trailer New Five-star Characters

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A new Honkai: Star Rail trailer was revealed at this year’s Tokyo Game Show. It featured brief glimpses of two people, Topaz and Jingliu. Jingliu featured briefly alongside other Xianzhou Luofu five-star personalities. At the end of the trailer, Topaz had a fully voiced piece in which she was overlooking the city of Belobog on Jarilo-IV and stated something about ‘paying up the tab.’

These characters are expected to be included in Version 1.4, which is set to be released on October 11. While HoYoverse has yet to reveal how these characters will interact, they have provided some hints. Topaz is a Fire character in the Hunt Path, therefore she’ll most likely excel at dealing single-target damage.

Jingliu, on the other hand, is an Ice Destruction character for Star Rail, implying that he’ll provide damage as well as versatility to the game’s roster. Some leaks have even revealed how Jingliu and Topaz will interact. Topaz and Jingliu have revealed some fascinating new content for Honkai: Star Rail’s next release.

According to the developer’s typical timetable, the next update, Version 1.4, will be released on September 29. According to speculations and leaks, Version 1.4 will include some intriguing new features, such as the game’s first re-run and the first-ever Honkai: Star Rail character skin. Topaz and Jingliu’s releases will be a significant feature of the forthcoming update, which is only a few weeks away.

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