Honkai: Star Rail Leak New Enemies: Exploring Next World!

According to recent Honkai: Star Rail leaks, the game’s next playable world, Penacony, will bring a lot of brand-new adversaries. The first several patches for the extremely popular HoYoverse RPG introduced players to a diverse set of enemies.

From the Antimatter Legion invaders of the Herta Space Station to the cold beasts roaming Jarilo-IV, the game has already shown a wide array of sci-fi foes to combat. The enemies of the game’s next planet are starting to get their first hints.

Honkai: Star Rail Leak New Enemies

Despite the fact that HoYoverse has made no official pronouncements about the forthcoming world in Honkai: Star Rail, leaks and interviews have begun to hint at the third entire in-game area. According to an earlier this year, Penacony is the name of the following globe that travelers on the Astral Express may encounter.

According to leaks and rumors, Penacony will be a vibrant universe centered on the late 1800s and early 1900s fusion of the United States and France. Penacony’s opponents are now being exposed as a result of leaks.

HertaStation, who released images from the game Honkai: Star Rail, revealed five different nasty characters you’d face in the game’s Penacony area.

Penacony monster via HertaStation
byu/Yakumoso inHonkaiStarRail_leaks

These Penacony bad guys appear to be from a steampunk universe, with one being a large clockwork robot and another being a robot dog. There are also other smaller flying foes, such as a robot holding a large dice and a floating mask.

Finally, there is a large crystalline figure with limbs and legs that differs from the other Penacony animals in that it is not mechanical. The France-inspired setting is one of several locations hinted to be coming to Honkai: Star Rail in the future, but Penacony is only known from a few leaks.

When Silver Wolf originally arrived in Version 1.1, she teased the concept of her homeworld, Punklorde, as a cutting-edge city. Other worlds mentioned in the game’s storyline include Planet Screwllum, the homeworld of Genius Society member Screwllum, and Pteruges-V, the homeworld of the five-star character Kafka.

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Penacony will release Honkai: Star Rail; however, no date has been set. Honkai: Star Rail is about to undergo the second phase of its Version 1.3 update, and new details about its impending environment have surfaced.

Lynx, a four-star character, and Fu Xuan, a five-star Preservation figure, will be added to the game’s restricted gacha banner in the second half of version 1.3.

In the second half, there will also be a brand-new Space Station Task Force event, which will involve duties similar to those found in the game’s Assignment System. Honkai: Star Rail fans will have a lot to look forward to in the future, thanks to the addition of new characters and planets.

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