Honkai: Star Rail Leak Argenti Kit and Abilities!

Honkai: Star Rail version 1.4 just came out, which lets players access Jingliu, but many people are already excited about what’s to come. Every time a new patch for Honkai: Star Rail is coming out, reports for it happen quickly and often. Argenti is a character that players are eager to learn more about after it was leaked and is now official. We know all of these things about the knight in shiny armor.

When Does Argenti Come to Hong Kong: Star Rail?

Argenti was first shown in HoYoverse in September, but there is still no word on when the knight will be coming to Honkai: Star Rail. The most likely time for him to appear, though, is in version 1.5 of the game.

Right now, version 1.4 will be available until October 27. Before then, in the form of a Special Program, we should learn more about version 1.5 and Argenti.

Argenti official reveal
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Argenti Powers in Honkai: Star Rail?

Even though HoYoverse hasn’t officially said what Argenti can do, we do know that he will be a five-star Physical Erudition character. But that doesn’t mean we don’t know what Argenti’s skills will be; the HoYoverse leak community already knows a lot about what players can expect from him.

The newest leaks say that Argenti can do the following, but as always, take them with a grain of salt:

  • Basic ATK: The basic attack that Argenti has is called “Fleeting Fragrance,” and it does 130% of her ATK and damage to one enemy.
  • Skill: Damage to all foes equal to 137.5% of Argenti’s ATK is dealt with by the skill “Justice, Hereby Blooms.”
  • Talent: Sublime Object is Argenti’s talent. Every enemy hit with his basic attack, skill, or ultimate will restore 3 of his energy, give him a stack of ascend, and raise his critical chance by 3.25 percent. This can happen up to 10 times.
  • Technique: Manifesto of Purest Virtue is a technique that dazes enemies in a certain area for 10 seconds after it is used. When enemies are dazed, they won’t attack your team. When you start a fight with a Dazed enemy, all of them take 80% of Argenti’s ATK in physical damage, and he gets 15 energy back.
  • Ultimate #1: This garden has the most beautiful scenery in the world – It costs 90 energy and hurts all foes with physical damage equal to 204% of Argenti’s ATK.
  • Ultimate #2: Merit Bestowed in My Garden—This ability uses 180 energy and does 336% of Argenti’s ATK in physical damage to all enemies. It also does this 6 more times, each time doing 114% of Argenti’s ATK in physical damage to a different enemy.

Honkai: Star Rail Leak Argenti Kit

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What is Honkai: Star Rail Argenti History?

We only know a few things about Argenti from what the character was officially named. The post about Argenti says the following:

A classic knight of the Knights of Beauty. Forthright and candid, this noble and admirable man wanders the cosmos alone, resolutely following the Path of Beauty. Upholding the good name of Beauty is Argenti’s duty. To fulfill this responsibility, one must be pious when one initiates battle, and one must make their opponent yield willingly when one strikes with one’s spear.

“Extraterrestrial Satellite Communication” Argenti
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Argenti’s part as a knight who looks a lot like a cartoon knight is an interesting addition to the mostly science-fiction world of Honkai: Star Rail. We know that the Knights of Beauty worship the dead Aeon Idrilla, but many of them don’t think that the group has broken up since Idrilla’s death.

It’s still not clear what part Argenti plays in the Trailblazer story, but since the fate of the Aeons is a major theme that keeps coming up, he might have a big one.

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