Honkai: Star Rail Jingliu Talent Ultimate Idle Animation

Honor: Star Rail just gave us more information about the new character Jingliu. Since fans learned that she was a cool Ice unit a few months ago, they have been hungry. In the most recent livestream for version 1.4, the game’s developers revealed that Jingliu would be carrying the next update’s banner.

Leaks showed signs of her cold abilities, which hurt enemies nearby. As the date for version 1.4 gets near, we’ll learn more about Jingliu’s background and how she works in the game. Honkai: The Star Rail Jingliu Talent’s Best Idle Animation Picture Source Who You Are

Jingliu is a strong five-star character in Honkai: Star Rail who plays a big part in the story of the game. She is linked to the Destruction Path and can kill enemies with skills that hit a single target or an area.

There have been leaks that say Jingliu is a flexible character who can do a lot of damage, especially when she has Moon Stacks on. In the Transcendence state, these stacks also give her an extra turn. We don’t fully understand Jingliu’s moves yet, but leaks say she’d be a good choice for the main damage dealer role.

Honkai: Star Rail has taught us more about Jingliu’s skills, including her gift, ultimate move, and idle animation.

She used to have dark red eyes, but now they are brown. When she uses her ultimate power, she still wears a black band around her eyes. While she is idle, you can see pieces of ice rising from the ground, which is really cool.

Before going into the Transcendence state, the star shows off her strong energy. Even though the exact details weren’t made public, rumors say that Jingliu may be willing to hurt her partners to improve her attack power.

Honkai: Star Rail Jingliu Talent Ultimate Idle Animation

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As a five-star character in Honkai: Star Rail, Jingliu is very strong. Her final move is to jump high into the air and strike hard. Some Reddit users were mad that the writers changed her eyes from red to brown. Interestingly, Jingliu’s eyes were dark red when they first showed her flag in August.

There are many characters in Honkai: Star Rail that you can mix and match to make your strong team. They are split into two groups depending on how rare they are, and you can use Warps to get them from the banner. You can get new characters and Light Cones through a method similar to Genshin Impact’s gacha.

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