Honkai: Star Rail Gift of Radiance Event Details Explained!

Honkai: In Version 1.3, Star Rail included a new means for users to obtain more Stellar Jades. HoYoverse has started a login rewards program! Since the game’s release five months ago, users have had numerous opportunities to gain in-game currency through events.

Every update introduces new events, such as the latest “Aurum Alley’s Hustle and Bustle” in Version 1.3, which offers Stellar Jades for sale. A new way to obtain free Stellar Jades is on the horizon.

Players in Honkai: Star Rail routinely receive amazing features such as Stellar Jades and Star Rail Special Passes simply by signing in. Every time the game is updated, there is a special login event in which users can earn up to ten Star Rail Special Passes by playing for a week.

HoYoverse, the game’s designers, also likes to surprise players with secret codes during updates that grant them more Stellar Jades and other gaming bonuses. There’s even more excitement now, thanks to a surprise login event that’s set to shower gamers with a ton of gacha currency.

Honkai: Star Rail launched the “Gift of Radiance” check-in event, a new login campaign available to gamers from September 29th until the end of Version 1.3.

Players can earn up to 800 Stellar Jades by logging in for seven consecutive days during this event. This unexpected login occurrence was not noted in HoYoverse’s patch notes for Star Rail’s Version 1.3 update. It comes after another login campaign in Version 1.3, which provided the standard 10 Star Rail Special Pass awards.

Honkai: Star Rail Offers Free Stellar Jades for Limited-Time Event

There is great news for players of Honkai: Star Rail. Not only are there new rewards, but a long-awaited character is also coming. It wasn’t until the second part of Version 1.3 that Fu Xuan, the Master Diviner of Xianzhou Luofu, finally showed off her special Light Cone.

Looking ahead, Version 1.4 will include another figure that fans have been looking forward to: Jingliu. He was teased in Version 1.3 and had a big part in the story of Xianzhou Luofu. Topaz, a new five-star character, and Guinaifen, a new four-star unit, will also be added in the next update.

Honkai: Star Rail Gift of Radiance Event

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Honkai: Star Rail’s Version 1.4 update is coming in early October, and it has a lot of fun new stuff for players. There will also be the first-ever character skin and the first-ever re-run sign for the game.

It has even been said that players may get a free four-star character in this update. The story is about to get better with new people, events, and shocks. Watch Friday’s Special Program to find out everything you need to know about the next big update to Honkai: Star Rail.

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