Honkai: Star Rail Garden of Plenty Event Doubles Calyx Rewards!

Honkai has some exciting news: Star Rail players! As Version 1.3 comes to a close, there will be a new event with double Calyxes awards. The most recent update to HoYoverse’s famous sci-fi RPG has already presented players to a number of events with fantastic prizes.

The major event added ‘Aurum Alley’s Hustle and Bustle,’ an entertaining management-style mini-game, while ‘Swarm Disaster’ delivered several upgrades to the Simulated Universe. Players may now receive special awards in the game throughout the last week of the update. Don’t pass up this opportunity!

Double prizes in Honkai: Star Rail has long been a fan favorite. They provide players with additional value while gathering in-game materials. Events such as “Planar Fissure” and “Realm of the Strange” increase the likelihood of obtaining valuable artifacts such as Planar Ornaments and Relics.

This makes it easy for players to collect the items they need for their characters. These occurrences often occur during calm periods after the completion of key events in a version. As Version 1.3 comes to a close, HoYoverse is providing even more extra incentives.

Honkai: Star Rail reveals information about the upcoming “Garden of Plenty” event in Version 1.3’s wrap-up. From October 2nd to October 9th, you may farm the Golden and Crimson Calyx tasks for double prizes.

It’s a one-time offer that will increase your Credits, Experience materials, and Trace resources. Just keep in mind that there is a daily limit to how many additional prizes you may earn. Don’t forget that Version 1.4 will be out on October 11th.

In the most recent bonus event for Honkai: Star Rail, players received free goodies from the developers to assist them in obtaining additional resources. HoYoverse granted users a unique prize during the Version 1.4 unique Program: 10 free in-game Fuel.

Honkai: Star Rail 1.5 Leak New Area Fyxestroll Garden

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This Fuel may be used to get additional stamina, and 10 Fuel grants players 600 Trailblaze Power. This is quite useful for completing tasks and cultivating Calyxes in the game. Star Rail has added intriguing extra incentives that will help players prepare for the game’s new characters.

Honkai: Star Rail introduces three new characters in Version 1.4, including the much-anticipated Jingliu in the first part of the update. The second part will introduce the game’s newest four-star unit, Guinaifen, as well as the five-star character Topaz.

The current Honkai: Star Rail event is intended to give vital aid to gamers preparing for the upgrade, with the inclusion of three new characters and a free four-star character in Version 1.4.

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