A Look at Honkai: Star Rail Belobog Map Expansion!

Hello, players! As of now, we know more about the game Honkai: Star Rail. Two more places will be added to the Belobog map to make it bigger. Belobog is one of the places in the game where you can do things that help the story.

There is an icy world called Jarilo-VI, where Belobog is. You can meet cool people, check out the underground, and complete tasks to get cool stuff when you go there. As you go through the story of the game, you’ll also have to fight Cocolia, a tough boss who looks out for Belobog.

A new part of the game Honkai: Star Rail has been talked about by people who generally tell the truth ahead of time. People say this new area will be like a world made up of towns in the United States and Europe in the late 1800s.

Honkai: Star Rail Belobog Map Expansion

The people in the game talk about a strange place called Penacony. It used to be a prison, but a disease broke out there and destroyed it. There will be characters here that you can play as and characters that the game will control, like the rare and strong Argenti.

But it’s important to remember that HoYoverse, the company that made the game, hasn’t confirmed any of this yet, so we shouldn’t put too much stock in it.

Not long ago, someone named h2tr_ leaked some facts about the game Honkai: Star Rail. On the Belobog map, it looks like the game will soon have two more spots. This place is like a long tube that links different parts of the city together.

Belobog new maps via h2tr_
byu/-uraume- inHonkaiStarRail_leaks

The third location appears to be subterranean and expands Belobog city. We don’t know when these additional locations will be available in the game. But when they arrive, they will most likely have new things to do, new stories to explore, and new foes to battle.

Honkai: Star Rail received several exciting changes in version 1.1. The cold city now has a museum dedicated to Belobog’s history and culture. They also created a pleasant event called the Everwinter City Museum in this new region.

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They Also Added Two New Spots

In this event, players must complete exhibits and care for the Belobog Museum. Later, they added two new spots for the Xianzhou Lufou group to explore. In the game, these locations have new stories and individuals to explore.

According to information we obtained from a source, the Belobog map in Honkai: Star Rail will be expanded later this year. They’ll be adding some new features that will remain in the game indefinitely. And there’s a strong chance they’ll incorporate a special event that will only be offered in this extended area for a limited period.

This map is set on Jarilo-VI, a snowy planet with a lot of trash cans. Players can look through these garbage cans for “Pleasant-Looking Trash.” This isn’t garbage, though! It’s a game item that may be used to manufacture food.

In addition to the garbage cans, there are other portions of the landscape, such as frozen plains, underground locations, and even some individuals who survived the “Eternal Freeze.” So, there’s a lot to uncover and explore in this game environment.

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