A Look At Honkai: Star Rail 4-Star Banner History!

Since it came out in April, Honkai: Star Rail has spread its four-star figures out in a chart. In Honkai: Star Rail, characters are divided into two groups based on how rare they are: five-star units and four-star units. This is similar to how gacha works in other games.

The five-star figures are what make Honkai: Star Rail fun to play. Whenever there are changes, each of them gets a unique banner. You are sure to get at least one five-star character if you make 90 wishes. Getting four-star figures, on the other hand, is easier because you’ll get one every ten pulls.

In Honkai: Star Rail, each sign shows off one five-star character and three four-star characters. HoY fans should be careful not to use the exact four-star figures in two banners in a row.

A helpful chart was made by a Reddit user called Minimum-Story that shows how the game introduces four-star characters in these short banners:

4 Star Banner History V 1.4
byu/Minimum-Story inHonkaiStarRail

People who want to know when their favorite four-star figure might show up again can use this chart. For example, Wind user Dan Heng has been in more than one banner, which makes it more likely that he will be in future changes.

He might not have shown up in the 1.3 update because the first sign was about Imbibitor Lunae, who is thought to be the better version of Dan Heng in the Imaginary world. The next update for Honkai: Star Rail will add two new strong characters.

Their names are Topaz and Jingliu, and they are both five-star heroes. A four-star character called Guinaifen is another exciting addition. He has fire-based abilities that are based on Nihility. It’s possible that Guinaifen will do bad things to her enemies, which makes her a useful addition to the game.

Honkai: Star Rail 4-Star Banner History

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Depending on what they do, these debuffs can weaken enemies or stop them totally. Seele is in the same banner cycle. She’s a figure that everyone loves, and Honkai: Star Rail makes a lot of money from her.

There will be a special double ad with Seele, who has Quantum powers, and the new Fire character in the second part of update 1.4. The game has never done anything like this before.

Each of these figures’ main jobs is to hunt and hurt one target at a time. Fans believe that the first banner in update 1.5 might show the Wind character Dan Heng, the Physical user Natasha, and the Lightning DPS Arlan. This is because the chart shows a lot of missing banners.

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