Honkai: Star Rail 1.5 Leak New Area Fyxestroll Garden!

A recent Honkai: Star Rail leak showed a new region coming in Version 1.5. This update will add a new location to explore named Xianzhou Luofu. HoYoverse’s sci-fi RPG has been routinely upgrading its first two worlds with new areas for players to enjoy.

We gained the Old Weapons Testing Ground and Pillars of Creation in the first world, Jarilo-VI, in the last release, Version 1.4. And now there’s word of another new location on the way.

Honkai: Star Rail 1.5 Leak New Area Fyxestroll Garden

Hoyoverse has introduced a lot of fresh content to Honkai: Star Rail in the early patches to keep players interested. They update the Simulated Universe mode on a regular basis, bringing new worlds and challenges, such as Swarm Disaster in Version 1.3.

The game also offers fun mini-game events, such as management games in Versions 1.1 and 1.3 and the latest Aetherium Wars event in Version 1.4. The next update will provide a new region for those who enjoy exploring.

A new map is set to be introduced to Honkai: Star Rail, according to a recent leak from the game’s insider, c2tr. In Xianzhou Luofu, it’s known as the Fyxestroll Garden. The map includes a variety of natural components, such as forests, a large lake in the center, and steep mountain pathways in the lower left corner.

Water flows among bamboo sprouts and thickets of exquisite plants in what is characterized as a park that allows nature to grow. According to rumors, Fyxestroll Garden will be released in Honkai: Star Rail Version 1.5, which is scheduled around November 15.

Fyxestroll Garden was launched at a time when Honkai: Star Rail was undergoing considerable changes, including both updates and leaks. According to rumors, Version 1.5 will improve the Battle Pass by raising the level maximum from 50 to 70.

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In addition, the update period for Version 1.4 will be cut to five weeks rather than the customary six. HoYoverse has yet to announce whether this reduced timescale would become the new norm for the game.

Aside from the new terrain and suspected modifications, the upcoming Version 1.5 release will include some fantastic new characters. HoYoverse has now confirmed the addition of two powerful five-star characters, Huohuo and Argenti, to the RPG’s roster.

In addition, the update will include the introduction of a new four-star character named Hanya, who is a member of the Xianzhou Luofu’s Ten-Lords Commission. Version 1.5 appears to give a lot of fun and fresh stuff for players to enjoy, with both new regions and characters.

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