Honkai Star Rail 1.5 Leak Enemies Stages Features and Characters!

A new leak for Honkai: Star Rail shows that version 1.5 will come out next month with quality-of-life improvements, Stagnant Shadow stages, and new enemies. As you can see, Star Rail is always getting new updates. The turn-based gacha game is about to get version 1.4, which will add new characters, events, and stages. Players are saving Stellar Jades for new units like Jingliu, Topaz, and Guinaifen.

They still have a few days to complete all events and earn more in-game points before version 1.4 comes out. Honkai: Star Rail players got a sneak peek at version 1.5, which showed that later this year, there will be new Light Cones, Cavern Relics, and events.

This tip says that players will be able to get a set of relics and Planar Ornaments that will make their characters stronger.

1.5 beta info (by Stepleaker), with more proper translation by me
byu/NathLWX inHonkaiStarRail_leaks

By finishing new events, they will have the chance to get Stellar Jades. Also, Jing Yuan, a five-star Lightning character, will have a rerun banner in the second part of version 1.5, which is set to release on December 3.

A recent Honkai: Star Rail leak from Stepleaker showed that version 1.5 will have a lot of new content, such as stages, enemies, and features that make the game better. It is said that the update will add three new enemies: the Soul Catcher, the Underworld Soldier, and the Cloud Knight Lieutenant.

New content in 1.5 via Stepleaker
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Ascension items can be used to boost a character’s base stats, and players will explore a unique Stagnant Shadow stage to find them. There will be a brand-new Cavern of Corrosion where they can kill hordes of enemies to get Relics. In version 1.5, Honkai: Star Rail players can also look forward to some features that will make their lives easier, such as supplies being used automatically.

Honkai Star Rail 1.5 Leak Enemies Stages Features

A Sneak Peek Into Characters

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In v1.5, fans of Honkai Star Rail can look forward to seeing Argenti, Hanya, and HuoHuo get more attention as rate-up featured characters. There is, however, an interesting question looming because there may be another 5-star character waiting to be confirmed. The community has learned a lot about these three characters’ kits and skills, but let’s stress how rare they are:

5-star Argenti: As a “Knight of Pure Beauty,” Argenti is known for their devotion to Goddess Idrila. Players can’t wait for her to join the game and show off her unique charm and powerful skills.

Hanya (4 stars): Hanya has already been seen in this version of the game; she is in the 4-star Hunt Light Cone, Return to Darkness. Players are interested in Hanya because she is connected to the Xianzhou Loufu area, but they don’t know much else about her.

HuoHuo (5-star): HuoHuo is another 5-star figure from Xianzhou. He works for the Ten-Lords Commissions. As an assistant judge in the Ten-Lords Commissions, she is highly respected for her skill at catching evil spirits.

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It looks like players will be able to fight bosses again without having to quit the game because the leak talks about a “Retry Function” button. In Honkai: Star Rail, the Cavern of Corrosion is a dungeon that can be visited more than once. It gives players a lot of items that they can use to improve their characters.

To put your teams to the test against tough enemies, you must first unlock the Stars are Cold Toys task and reach rank 21 on the trailblazer list. One of the best ways to get relics in the game is to finish the Cavern of Corrosion.

The Stagnant Shadow mode, on the other hand, can only be used by people who have reached Trailblaze rank 30. This stage has more than one level, and each level has tough monsters that drop useful materials for climbing. Gamers will face a new task called Shape of Underworld if this leak is true.

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