Honkai: Star Rail 1.5 Leak Boss Battle Pass Information!

Honkai: Star Rail has received fresh information, stating that in version 1.5, there will be more levels in the combat pass and a new boss added later this year. This week, reliable leakers released a wealth of information about version 1.5.

One of them even stated that a retry button for boss encounters would be added soon. The upcoming update is likely to provide a slew of new items for Honkai: Star Rail players, such as relic sets, weapons, unique banners, and limited-time events.

Even though version 1.5 has not yet been released, rumors about it are circulating online. Some speculate that Honkai: Star Rail’s map may grow, transporting players to a new location called Penacony. Non-player characters (NPCs) and enemies abound in this new universe.

Honkai: Star Rail 1.5 Leak Boss Battle Pass

In addition to this fascinating locale, Honkai: Star Rail version 1.5 will have new banners starring characters such as Argenti, Hanya, and Huohuo. Each character will have a distinct role, allowing players to mix and match their team.

According to Mero and hiro420, the next Honkai: Star Rail version 1.5 will have a new boss and 20 additional battle pass levels. According to the leaked photographs, the boss is a flying eyeball with green flames, but its skills and name remain unknown.

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This boss is expected to arrive in the Simulated Universe or Cavern of Corrosion. Furthermore, the update will enhance the maximum level of the battle pass from 50 to 70, giving players additional opportunities to acquire rewards. These extra levels will yield approximately 10,000 credits, which can be used to purchase Light Cones and Relics.

Honkai: Star Rail includes a unique battle pass system where players may obtain cool stuff such as character XP resources, relic remains, and credits.

Players can earn incentives that assist them in their progress in the game by completing daily and weekly chores. This combat pass begins when you reach Trailblaze Rank 15, and if the leak is correct, you can level up to Level 70 to obtain even more great goods than previously.

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More battle pass levels and a large eyeball adversary will be added in the forthcoming Honkai: Star Rail update (version 1.5). They’re also making things easier by including features like using stuff automatically and a retry button.

The update will also include new features such as Cavern Relics, Planar Ornaments, and new locations to explore. But we’ll have to wait until November 15 to learn all about it.

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