Hitman 25th Anniversary Content Roadmap Fully Explained!

Hitman: World of Assassination will get a lot of new content in October in honor of IO Interactive’s 25th anniversary. As part of the celebrations, they are also putting out a new version of Hitman: Blood Money.

In 2021, the company in Copenhagen that made the three Hitman remakes was done. Now, two years later, they have put all three games into one package and changed the name of the third game to Hitman: World of Assassination.

Even though the Hitman games are taking a break for a while, the current one, World of Assassination, is still getting updates. The maker IO Interactive just told us what’s coming up in October.

Hitman 25th Anniversary Content Roadmap

The new roadmap has two parts: material for IOI’s anniversary and the usual new things that happen every month. The latter will start to roll out on October 5, when the Faster than Rocco challenge comes out. To earn the Sniper Challenge Suit, players will have to finish The Last Yardbird sniper mission in less than 1 minute and 47 seconds.

After that, on October 13, a new Elusive Target, Bad Boy, will arrive at the Sapienza level. A week later, another Elusive Target will be added to Hitman: World of Assassination, with only one chance to take out The Food Critic in Bangkok.

Beginning on October 26 with a collection of multi-level challenges that will allow players to obtain the Retro Codename 47 Suit, which showcases a distinct low-poly aesthetic inspired by the 2000 game that originated the iconic series. The last stretch of October is reserved for IOI anniversary content.

On the same day, another challenge named A Nightmare in Hawkes Bay is set to begin. The job will challenge fans to display their skills with the Bat Shuriken, with the Jack-O-Lantern Suit being awarded to those who do so just in time for Halloween.

Hitman 25th Anniversary Content Roadmap

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On October 27, Alexios “The Drop” Laskardis, another Elusive Target played by legendary Belgian DJ Dimitri Vegas, will make his debut in the game. The Purple Streak Suit, IOI’s first Twitch Drop, will be distributed during the developer’s forthcoming livestream.

Around this time, Hitman: World of Assassination will receive its next patch, which will raise the game’s version number to 3.170 and provide several quality-of-life and bug fixes. IOI has not yet confirmed a specific delivery date for the late October upgrade.


Q1: Why is additional content being added to Hitman: World of Assassination in October?

A: In honor of IO Interactive’s 25th anniversary, new content and enhancements for Hitman: World of Assassination have been released.

Q2: What does the Hitman 25th Anniversary Content Roadmap include?

Answer: The roadmap contains anniversary-related content and monthly updates. Unique suit prizes, difficulties, and elusive targets are among the anniversary material.

Q3: When will the monthly content update in October begin?

A: The monthly content updates kick off on October 5th with the “Faster than Rocco” challenge, which allows players to acquire the Sniper Challenge Suit.

Q4: Will there be any elusive targets in October?

A: There are two enigmatic targets in October. “Bad Boy” will be released on October 13th at the Sapienza level, followed by “The Food Critic” a week later in Bangkok.

Q5: What is the Retro Codename 47 Suit, and where can players get it?

A: The Retro Codename 47 Suit has a low-poly design reminiscent of the original 2000 game. Beginning on October 26th, players can obtain it by completing a series of multi-level challenges.

Q6: Is there any Halloween-related content?

A: Yes, the “A Nightmare in Hawkes Bay” task will put players’ Bat Shuriken talents to the test and reward them with the Jack-O-Lantern Suit just in time for Halloween.

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