Is Gundam Evolution Crossplay? What to Expect!

Because there are several types of gaming consoles on the market, the first thing we should look for in a multiplayer game is whether or not it is cross-platform compatible. The same may be said for the recently released game Gundam Evolution. So, does Gundam Evolution support crossplay? Let us discover this together through this article.

This year has seen a flood of new video games, most of them in the combat genre. Another game that has recently been added to the list is Gundam Evolution, which is a team combat First Person Shooter video game, and individuals who used to watch the anime that inspired this game are already in love with it even before playing it.

If you want to learn more about Gundam Evolution and find out when its crossplay feature will be available, you should keep reading.

Is Gundam Evolution Crossplay?

At this time, the game does not support cross-play. Asia and South East Asia are the only places where the PC version of the game will be available. I’m not sure if the crossplay functions will be added at some point in the future.

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Have they said anything about crossplay?
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Is Gundam Evolution Cross-Progression?

Gundam Evolution does not support cross-progression. This means that if you create an account on one platform, you will be unable to view your progress on another. This is somewhat disappointing, given that many other popular multiplayer games offer cross-progression.

It should be noted, however, that Gundam Evolution is still a new game, and it is likely that Bandai Namco will introduce cross-progression functionality in the future. Meanwhile, if you intend to play Gundam Evolution on various platforms, you will need to establish a separate account for each device and restart your progress from the beginning.

Will There Be a Crossplay For Gundam Evolution?

As of now, Bandai Namco hasn’t said anything about Gundam Evolution crossplay support. However, the game’s producer, Hiroki Miyaji, has confirmed that the team is “looking into” the possibility of adding cross-play in the future.

Because the Gundam Evolution community has expressed a significant desire for crossplay compatibility, Bandai Namco may incorporate it into the game at some point. Adopting crossplay, on the other hand, raises various challenges, such as ensuring that all platforms are balanced and that players on different platforms have a fair gaming experience.

Overall, it is too early to tell whether Gundam Evolution will ever support cross-play. However, the development team is considering it, and the community is quite interested in it.

Gundam Evolution Crossplay

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Gundam Evolution Gameplay

Gundam Evolution is a 6v6 team-based first-person shooter game in which players control Gundam mobile suits. Each mobile suit has its own set of powers and playstyle, providing a wide range of strategic options.

Gundam Evolution’s gameplay relies on achieving goals and eliminating the opposing team. There are several objective-based game types available, including Domination, Point Capture, and Escort. To complete these tasks and win, players must collaborate.

Mobile suits in Gundam Evolution are outfitted with a range of weaponry and devices in addition to their distinctive powers. Players can use these weapons and gadgets to defeat the other team and fulfill objectives.

Gundam Evolution is a fast-paced, action-packed game in which winning needs teamwork and coordination. Players must use the abilities of their mobile suits to help their friends and defeat the adversary. The game’s visuals are equally impressive, with detailed mobile suit models and dynamic landscapes.

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