Guitar Hero Ps5 Availability Explained: A Look Back And A Glimpse Forward!

Guitar Hero’s legendary franchise has always maintained a particular place in the hearts of gamers and music fans alike. Guitar Hero was a cultural sensation during its peak, thanks to its revolutionary gameplay, enormous tracklists featuring great tunes, and a plastic guitar accessory that made players feel like rock gods.

However, as gaming tech advanced and the franchise’s popularity went down, fans wondered if they’d ever rock out on the latest PS5. In this article, we will look at the history of Guitar Hero, its absence from the gaming world, and whether there is any chance for a successful return on the PlayStation 5.

Guitar Hero Ps5: Is It Available On Playstaion 5?

Unfortunately, you can’t play Guitar Hero on a PS5 As it is not available on the platform. Guitar Hero Live was the only Guitar Hero game for PS4, but its servers were shut down soon after it came out. The 2015 game is no longer usable unless you mod it on PC.

Every other Guitar Hero game came out on the PS3 or before. Though the game servers are down for a long time, it doesn’t stop fans from asking for a Guitar Hero PS5 version.

Check out some fan’s Tweets below:

This means that none of them can be played on the PS5. But don’t lose hope as there are many unofficial methods to play the game life moded version. And if you are not into such stuff then you can keep reading this post further because Throughout the post you’ll find many alternative options to Guitar Hero.

Why Did The Guitar Hero Discontinued?

Guitar Hero once heralded as the reigning monarch of rhythm games, gradually saw its market influence dwindle owing to a number of causes. During its peak, the franchise proliferated quickly, with a slew of new editions and spin-offs filling the gaming landscape with titles delivering comparable gameplay experiences.

As a result of a gradual dip in sales and diminishing player enthusiasm, the franchise’s publisher, Activision, decided to temporarily suspend the series in 2011. The high expense of licensing renowned songs for the games, which weighed significantly on the franchise’s revenue, was a big contributor to this decision. Concurrently, the overall popularity of rhythm games fell, reflecting shifting gaming tastes and the advent of new gaming genres and platforms.

We need to keep in mind that In 2015, “Guitar Hero Live” made a brief return. But it struggled to regain its previous glory, and as of September 2021, the franchise was inactive, waiting for a rebirth.

Guitar Hero Ps5

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Are There Any Alternative Options For Guitar Hero?

The future of a new Guitar Hero game on the PS5 remains uncertain. However, the PS5 is a high-powered gaming platform with a wealth of titles, providing a plethora of alternatives if you’re seeking a fresh rhythmic challenge.

Here are some of the most famous Guitar games on PS5:

  • Rock Band 4
  • DJMAX Respect V
  • Taiko no Tatsujin: Rhythm Festival
  • Fuser
  • Beat Saber
  • Just Dance 2023 Edition

The above-mentioned games hold a vast variety of features and twists, so there should be something for everyone. If you like music games, Then you should give some of these Guitar Hero alternates a try.

Will The Guitar Hero Make A Comeback?

As the game has been Already discontinued, there are very less chances for it to make a comeback. There has been no official confirmation that Guitar Hero will return, But the possibilities are never zero, there are many facts and hints that could contribute to Guitar Hero’s Comeback.

  • To begin, Microsoft currently controls Guitar Hero as part of the Activision Blizzard portfolio thanks to a January 2022 acquisition. Activision Blizzard’s former CEO Bobby Kotick has suggested that Microsoft has what it takes to revive the Guitar Hero franchise.
  • Second, rhythm games like Rock Band 4 and Beat Saber have experienced a renaissance in popularity in recent years. This point can be counted as another chance for Guitar Hero Revival.
  • Finally, whispers in the gaming world suggest the possibility of a forthcoming Guitar Hero installment. Nevertheless, it’s crucial to note that these speculations and insider information remain unverified.

the prospect of Guitar Hero’s resurgence remains uncertain. While certain indicators suggest the possibility, it’s too early to confirm. Should a new Guitar Hero game materialize, it’s likely to be accessible on platforms such as Xbox Series X/S, PlayStation 5, and PC.

Conclusion: fans continue to hold dear the storied legacy of Guitar Hero. Although an official PS5 release remains absent, hints of its revival persist, particularly with Microsoft’s involvement. In the interim, other PS5 rhythm games offer delightful experiences. The future of Guitar Hero remains uncertain, yet its enduring impact on gaming is undeniable.

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