Genshin Impact Mondstadt Expansion: Recent Changes Revealed!

A few weeks ago, Genshin Impact changed the looks of some of the temporary models in Mondstadt. Mondstadt is the oldest area in the game, but players still love it because it’s where all Travelers start their trip through the world of Teyvat.

The first country you see in Genshin Impact is Mondstadt. It has the smallest area right now, though, since no new parts have been added since update 1.1. Rumors are going around that players will soon be able to explore more of the Anemo area.

Substantial_Fan_9582, a Reddit member, provided some intriguing images. They reveal HoYoverse’s revisions to the model portraying the northern half of Mondstadt.

Northern Mondstadt placeholder added to map finally after 3 years!! (and some land got deleted after just one patch)
byu/Substantial_Fan_9582 inGenshin_Impact

HoYoverse took away a lot of mountains from the replacement model in these pictures. This made players think that the move to Mondstadt might happen sooner than planned.

According to previous leaks, the changes back up the idea that the expansion won’t add as much new playable land as other regions. To give you an idea, the Sumeru area that was just finished is bigger than both Mondstadt and Liyue put together.

We might check out new parts of the Anemo region during the upcoming Windblume Festival. In Anemo, this event takes place every year. It comes after the Lantern Rite Festival, most of the time in version 4.4. At the moment, the game is mostly about the new Fontaine area and the people who live there.

Genshin Impact Mondstadt Expansion

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Neuvillette is a new character that was added in Patch 4.1 for Genshin Impact. Neuvillette can do a lot of damage and is the Chief Justice in the Fontaine area. As the story goes on, Neuvillette turns out to be stronger than many players first thought. A short fight between him and Tartaglia shows how strong he is.

This could be the start of a bigger plan in more than one place. People in the game think that Liyue might also get to explore more places. Fontaine and Liyue are linked, but there’s still a lot of unexplored land between them.

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