Genshin Impact Leak Neuvillette Different Gliders: Fan Made Poster!

A preview of the forthcoming Genshin Impact update shows how the fancy character Neuvillette appears when he employs different Gliders. He’s a rare five-star character, and two more characters will be added in version 4.1. Wriothesley is the other character, and they are the first to employ Cryo abilities with a specific artifact known as a catalyst.

Gliding is an interesting talent that allows Travelers to fly through the air. To utilize it, hit the jump button while flying high in the sky. They’ve designed many gliders in Genshin Impact, but they don’t make your character stronger; they only make them appear different.

A Twitter user posted a photo of a figure named Neuvillette wearing gliders.

Fans believe that one Glider, Wings of Merciful, best reflects Neuvillette’s aesthetic. This Glider was introduced in Genshin Impact 4.0, and you can obtain it by attaining Reputation Level 10 in the new Fontaine region.

By completing activities objectives and exploring the game world, you can get Reputation XP. Reputation awards, in addition to Gliders, include Food Recipes, Namecards, Forging Blueprints, and other useful content.

Neuvillette is a prominent figure in the Fontaine neighborhood. He beats Childe, a huge deal in the Fatui gang, in one scenario. Some even claim he is stronger than the Fontaine leader, which is unusual considering leaders are normally the strongest in their positions.

Genshin Impact Leak Neuvillette Different Gliders

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Neuvillette Powers and Ability

Neuvillette possesses a powerful move in the game. If you hold the button down for a longer period of time, he will perform a special attack known as a Charged Attack. This attack fires a large water beam that injures a large number of foes at once.

However, when he performs this assault, he loses some of his health. Fortunately, he can only lose half of his health, and most Hydro characters have a lot of health, so it’s typically not a big deal.

HoYoverse hasn’t revealed what role he’ll play in his party, but many believe he’ll be the most powerful damage-dealing character in Genshin Impact teams. Players will have to wait a week or two for HoYoverse to have a live stream event for Genshin Impact version 4.1 to discover more about him.

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