Genshin Impact Leak Furina Special Weapon Revealed!

Recent leaks have revealed further details regarding Furina’s unique weapon in Genshin Impact. These leaks reveal information about the weapon’s basic characteristics as well as its unique abilities. Furina, the game’s most anticipated character, serves as Fontaine’s Archon and is renowned as the “God of Justice.”

Although HoYoverse has not officially announced her arrival, reports indicate that she will be a playable character in the next Version 4.2 update. These disclosures are also disclosing further information about the weapon she will use.

Genshin Impact Leak Furina Special Weapon Revealed

The five-star weapons in Genshin Impact are designed to suit various character classes. Some, such as the Mistsplitter Reforged and Thundering Pulse, are ideal for characters who specialize in Normal Attacks. Others, such as the Key of Khaj-Nisut, are good for tanky characters.

There are other general five-star weapons in the game, such as the “Skyward” series, which increase critical strikes and elemental damage. Leaks have revealed the new trademark weapon for the Hydro Archon, which players are eager to see.

A recent leak from well-known Genshin Impact leaker Tao, which leaker Uncle SH shared, provided some information on Furina’s special weapon. Furina’s weapon will have 542 base ATK and a sub-stat that increases Critical Damage by 88.2%, making it one of the finest weapons at increasing Critical Damage.

When a teammate’s HP changes, the weapon increases the user’s Elemental Skill damage and improves their Max HP in Genshin Impact. Regrettably, the leak did not reveal the name or appearance of Furina’s iconic weapon.

Furina’s special weapon appears to reflect her distinct style of play, as early leaks regarding the Hydro Archon’s powers suggested. Her mechanics concentrate on changing her HP and stealing HP from herself and her teammates to boost her damage.

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Furina’s powers and Ability

Furina’s powers will set her apart in Genshin Impact, as she is the first character to be able to use the HP of her teammates. As a result, healers will be a crucial complement to teams centered on Furina. Furina will make her debut in the Version 4.2 release on November 8th.

Furina will make her debut in Genshin Impact Version 4.2, joining a slew of new characters slated to appear in the game’s next upgrades. Version 4.2 is also expected to include the Cryo Catalyst character Charlotte.

Navia, the first Geo character added to the game in nearly two years, will be introduced in Version 4.3. During the Fontaine cycle, Furina’s entry is just one of several exciting additions to Genshin Impact’s growing lineup.

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