Genshin Impact Leak Charlotte Kit Speculations for 4.2 Update!

There’s an intriguing leak concerning Charlotte’s prospective powers in recent Genshin Impact news. Charlotte is a much-anticipated character, and she’s slated to emerge in version 4.2 later this year. This has sparked a lot of intrigue and enthusiasm in the Genshin Impact community, particularly on the game’s subreddit.

Some speculate that Charlotte is a four-star character who wields a Catalyst weapon and has healing skills. However, we must be cautious about these leaks because we do not know for certain if they are accurate. The most recent update to Genshin Impact added a new region called Fontaine.

Several personalities live in this neighborhood, including Neuvillette, Lyney, Clorinde, Lynette, and Wriothesley. Charlotte, who first appears as an NPC in a mission, is one of the characters you’ll meet there. Charlotte currently works as a journalist for a Fontaine newspaper.

While the creators have yet to officially confirm her banner, many players believe she will join the Hydro Archon Furina as a playable character in version 4.2. According to several leaks, the Fontaine region will be expanded further with the addition of another NPC named Madame Ping in version 4.4 next year.

Charlotte may unleash three consecutive hits that deliver Cryo damage, according to a recent leak about Genshin Impact from a Reddit user named Uprising.

[Leak/TC] Early Thoughts on Charlotte’s Kit + Build Advice
byu/VastApprehensive4779 inCharlotteMains

She leaps to the earth, inflicting damage on all opponents in her path. The consequences of Charlotte’s elemental skill vary based on whether you tap or hold it. If you use the talent, you will be able to employ Monsieur Verite to deliver Cryo damage to foes in front of you.

If you have the elemental skill, Charlotte enters Composition Mode and the viewfinder widens. Monsieur Verite gives Cryo damage to foes locked within the viewfinder when you reach the “Finisher Frame” state.

Genshin Impact Leak Charlotte Kit

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Monsieur Verite is Charlotte’s special camera, which aids her in various attacks. She can also utilize it in her elemental burst to deliver AoE Cryo damage to a large number of opponents while simultaneously healing her party.

Charlotte may not be a healer character because she only has one support talent. People on Reddit are comparing her to Nahida from Genshin Impact, who is also a Cryo. When building your teams in Genshin Impact, you have a plethora of characters to pick from.

Every year, the game adds more of these characters, providing you with additional options for fighting strong opponents. In addition, Genshin Impact updates frequently bring back special banners where you can summon characters to earn new skills.

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