Genshin Impact Concept Furina and Fischl: a Dynamic Duo in the Making!

A Genshin Impact fan made an intriguing notion by combining the recently released Furina with the popular Electro Bow user Fischl. Because the game’s playable roster has been the major point of each new edition of the game, HoYoverse continues to introduce new characters in practically every update.

The Hydro Archon Furina, who has officially been confirmed to be in the next Genshin Impact version 4.2, has generated a lot of buzz. Furina has made many in-game appearances despite not being on the playable roster, and she is represented as a dramatic individual.

Genshin Impact Concept Furina and Fischl

Misterfakejason, a Reddit user, uploaded an intriguing fan art that mixes two popular characters, the incoming Hydro user Furina and Fischl, one of the roster’s oldest characters. This outstanding concept combines Furina’s model with Fischl’s attire, which is appropriate given their comparable body types.

One of the reasons Misterfakejason came up with this idea is because the two characters have extremely similar characteristics and would probably get along really well. They are both sensitive, artistic, and flamboyant. However, there is a chance that Furina has a completely different personality that may be exposed in the next storyline.

Spotlight, Furina x Fischl
byu/Misterfakejason inGenshin_Impact

Fans aren’t sure if Furina is really the Hydro Archon, even though she was presented as such. They think that title could belong to another Hydro character named Neuvillette. The most current storyline made it official that Neuvillette is the next Dragon of Water. Dragons and Archons have been at war for hundreds of years, so Celestia probably didn’t give the Archon title to a dragon.

Genshin Impact Concept Furina and Fischl

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Fuerina was also very important in one of the most recent trials. She revealed that the famous magician team Lyney and Lynette came from the House of Hearts orphanage in the Snezhnaya region. When it comes to Furina’s power on the field, she should be very adaptable, just like the other Archons, so that she can work with a lot of different Genshin Impact teams.

If you need a good Electro applicator, Fischl is a great choice. He is an A-tier four-star character in Genshin Impact. Fischl’s best quality is that she can constantly give Electro damage and make elemental particles with the help of her friend Oz. Genshin Impact can now be played on PC, PS4, PS5, and phones. A version for the Switch is being made.

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