Best Fortnite Xp Map: Mastering the Art of Fortnite XP!

Epic Games added the popular “creative mode” to Fortnite for the first time in 2018. When people are in this mode, they can make any map they want. Of course, the players have had a lot of fun in the last four years.

Prop Hunt, Escape Rooms, and Gun Games are some of the most-played game types. You can also get a lot of XP for your Battle Pass in some really cool maps, which is the coolest part. We now have the best Fortnite XP Maps for you.

What Are Fortnite XP Maps?

There is only one way to level up in the Battle Pass, which means there is only one way to get prizes in the Battle Pass. Unfortunately, the weekly challenges can be a pain to finish at times, even though they are the best way to get XP.

These are the reasons why some creative plans can give you a lot of XP very quickly. Either bugs or finishing some challenges in the maps make this work. Let us look at a few of them.

How to Get Fortnite XP Maps

You can get to Fortnite XP Maps the same way you get to any other Creative Island. Start up Fortnite and change game types in the Lobby to get to Discover. Then, at the top of the screen, click “Island Code” and enter the Code that goes with it. To go to the XP Map, click “Play” now!

Best Fortnite XP Maps

1v1 Build Fight Map (9496-3304-5859):

Hold the “Play” button to depart the waiting area and launch this XP Map. Look around until you come across a Vault and an “XP Shop” button. To access the XP Shop, click the button.

The XP Shop on this Creative Island is an XP haven. To begin, hit the AFK button on the wall. After that, you can massacre Chickens, Pickaxe the Tomato Heads, or go Fishing! All of these activities grant XP.

Killing chickens will yield Coins, while fishing will yield Metal. Both of these goods can be converted into extra XP by using the buttons on the wall. Finally, every 30 minutes, you can push another button to receive a large XP bonus.

Fortnite Xp Map

Pro 1000 (1125-3213-5406):

Begin the game by taking the right staircase into the main room. Then, take the steps on the right up into a dining area that is filled with stacks of cash and gold bars. To claim 1,000 Coins, interact with the leftmost black couch.

After that, jump down and open the ground-level door. Two buttons control the door just inside the secret room. You’ll gain a ridiculous amount of XP if you spam these buttons, opening and closing the door.

Ultimate Mars 1v1 (7226-4998-8494): 

Turn around and press the “AFK XP” button on the wall as soon as you pop in. As long as you stay in the match, you will now get XP every second. Some hidden buttons on this XP Map will help you gain even more XP.

Click the “Crash Pad” button right next to the “AFK XP” button when you’re ready to go AFK. This will send you to a Crash Pad room where you can bounce around without worrying about being kicked out for not doing anything.

For those who want to do more, this XP Map also has an AFK Shop where you can kill animals and gather items to get extra XP.

Let’s take a look at some other game-related articles:

The Parkour Deathrun 200+ (1132-3482-8021):

This is a normal Parkour Map, but there are XP Coins all over it. The course is also pretty simple. If you have some free time, check out this lesson. The XP will not let you down!

Variety Dropper (3547-1699-5825): 

Variety Dropper is a fun little minigame where players must make it through an obstacle course without getting stuck and get to safety without dying from falling. It’s one of the more fun ways to get XP through Fortnite XP Maps.

Different Dropper gives you three ways to get XP. To begin, every few minutes you stay on the map, you will gain XP. Then, finishing levels give you big amounts of XP. Plus, you’ll get even more XP if you finish the whole thing!

You should be able to get more than enough XP from these Fortnite XP Maps. But keep in mind that Epic Games has been known to turn off XP Maps that give more XP than they should. Now, don’t let go of your favorite XP Map! Use it while you still can because one day, it might not be available!

Conclusion: These XP Maps let you enjoy the best parts of Fortnite. By visiting these unique islands, you can level up your Battle Pass and get rewards. Don’t miss these chances to get XP and make your Fortnite experience better.

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