Fortnite Introduces Voice Reporting: A New Tool Against Inappropriate Behavior

Fortnite, the immensely popular battle royale game, has introduced a new moderation feature – voice reporting. Epic Games aims to empower players by allowing them to “submit audio evidence when reporting suspected violations” of the game’s community rules.

This latest addition to Fortnite’s reporting capabilities specifically targets inappropriate behavior, such as bullying, harassment, and discrimination, within the in-game voice chat. In this overview, we explore the key aspects of Fortnite’s voice reporting feature.

How Voice Reporting Works

Players encountering foul language or inappropriate behavior in Fortnite’s built-in voice chat now have a tool to address these issues. The voice reporting feature enables users to record in-game voice chat, storing the audio data on their systems, not on Epic’s servers. This recorded voice chat can then be forwarded to Epic’s moderators for review when reporting inappropriate behavior.

Always-On Voice Reporting

Voice reporting is effectively always on for a vast majority of circumstances. It is automatically enabled for voice chats in games that include players under the age of 18. For players who object to being potentially recorded, Epic provides an alternative – muting oneself or turning off voice chat entirely through the settings.

Limitations and Options

While there is an option to turn voice reporting off, it is limited to games where all players are over 18 and in parties formed among friends where all players have voice reporting set to “Off When Possible.” Epic ensures that only the immediate last five minutes of audio are reportable, and the recording is done on a rolling basis.

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Privacy and Anonymity

Epic emphasizes the privacy of voice reports, assuring players that reports are anonymous. Players reported for violating community rules will not know who reported them. Although players who submit reports currently do not receive notifications about actions taken by Epic’s moderation team, the company is working on implementing this feature in 2024.

Conclusion: A Reminder to Mind Language

Fortnite’s introduction of voice reporting serves as a reminder to players to be mindful of their language and behavior within the game.

With the ability to report inappropriate conduct through recorded voice chat, Epic aims to create a more positive and respectful gaming environment. As this feature becomes an integral part of Fortnite’s reporting system, players are encouraged to stay informed about its usage and guidelines.

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