Fastest Bike in Gta 5: A List of Top 5 Fastest Motorbikes of 2023!

As the Los Santos Drug Wars go on, GTA Online now has more than 50 different kinds of motorbikes. The most recent DLC added two more motorcycles to the list, giving fans a huge number of options. But “new” doesn’t always mean “best,” and a motorbike should be fast enough to leave competitors in the dust in no time.

So, this piece will tell players about the five fastest two-wheelers in GTA Online that they should choose in 2023. Fans have praised all of the vehicles below for how fast they can go and how easy they are to drive.

Fastest Bike in GTA 5

Los Santos has a diverse range of transportation alternatives. You may choose something that looks nice. Most gamers, at the end of the day, want to drive as fast as possible.

There’s no disputing that speeding through the streets of Los Santos is a lot of fun, whether they’re outrunning the cops or winning races. If you’re curious about the quickest cars and motorcycles in GTA 5 Online in 2023, we’ve got the answers right here.

1) Reever

  • Manufacturer – Western
  • Vehicle type – Civilian motorcycle
  • Top speed – 163 mph

Since The Contract update, GTA Online has had a custom motorbike called the Western Reever. It was based on the ARCH Method 143 and the ARCH Nazaré from Cyberpunk 2077. A GTA player Tweeted a picture of Reever’s bike customized.

The civilian car looks modern and has a V-Twin engine with pushrods and a five-speed gearbox. It is the game’s fastest motorbike, able to go 163.00 mph (262.32 km/h), which is a crazy fast speed. Installing the “Backrest” on the bike can also make it handle better. The Western Reever can be bought for $1,900,000 at Legendary Motorsport.

2) Deathbike

  • Manufacturer – Western
  • Vehicle type – Civilian motorcycle
  • Top speed – 150 mph

The Western Deathbike is a custom motorcycle in GTA Online that can be utilized in both Arena War and regular gaming modes. The vehicle’s design appears to be influenced by Daryl’s bike from The Walking Dead.

A one-of-a-kind V-Twin engine and a four-speed transmission propel this handcrafted offering. It is the second-fastest motorcycle and one of the quickest land vehicles in this game, with a top speed of 150.00 mph (241.40 km/h). For $1.269,000, players can transform their owned Gargoyle at the Arena Workshop.

3) Oppressor

  • Manufacturer – Pegassi
  • Vehicle type – Concept vehicle
  • Top speed – 140 mph

The Pegassi Oppressor is a custom-made sports motorcycle added in GTA Online with the Gunrunning update. This street bike looks a lot like a severely customized Honda XR 500 from Street Hawk.

The concept car is powered by a parallel-twin engine with a five-speed transmission. On the performance front, the vehicle’s top speed of 140.00 mph (225.31 km/h) is commendable, and it is more responsive than other sports bikes in GTA Online. It has a powerful rocket booster that allows it to glide in the skies for a longer period of time. Warstock Cache & Carry sells the Oppressor for $3.524.500 – $2,650,000.

4) Manchez Scout

  • Manufacturer – Maibatsu
  • Vehicle type – Military vehicle
  • Top speed – 139.75 mph

The Maibatsu Sanchez Scout is a one-of-a-kind military off-road motorcycle that was introduced in GTA Online as part of the Cayo Perico Heist update. It appears to be inspired by two great motorcycles: the Kawasaki KLR and the Armstrong MT500.

The same single-cylinder engine powers the military two-wheeler as the previous entry and has a five-speed transmission. Because of its superb mobility, the vehicle performs admirably on off-road terrain. It can be used in races in the game that require rough terrain. This motorcycle is available for $225,000 through Warstock Cache & Carry.

Fastest Bike in GTA 5

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5) BF400

  • Manufacturer – Nagasaki
  • Vehicle type – Civilian motorcycle
  • Top speed – 137 mph

The Nagasaki BF400 is a motorcycle in GTA Online that has been available since the Cunning Stunts update. It is based on the real-life KTM 450 Rally and resembles a modernized Sanchez.

This rally bike is powered by a single-cylinder engine and a five-speed transmission, giving it plenty of power to excel in terms of performance. The BF400’s excellent bodywork, absorbing suspension, and quick handling allow players to easily attain a top speed of 137.00 mph (220.48 km/h). It costs $95,000 and may be purchased through Southern San Andreas Super Autos.

Conclusion: Speed is essential in Los Santos and GTA Online’s expanding globe. With many motorbikes to pick from, gamers want the fastest to rule the streets. We chose the top five speedsters in 2023 that outperform the competition and are exhilarating to drive. These bikes provide GTA Online users speed and style, from the lightning-fast Reever to the sturdy BF400. Consider adding these bikes to your virtual garage if you want to zoom through the city.

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