eFootball 2024 Release Date: What is Inside Leo Messi Edition?

You’ve come to the correct place if you’re seeking the eFootball 2024 release date. Konami has disclosed information about the current eFootball season and its conclusion date, as well as the official release date. The year 2023 is a major one for football games.

If Konami’s eFootball franchise wants to compete with the new game, they will need to step up their game, and the return of Master League may sway a disillusioned segment of FIFA Career Mode fans. But for now, let’s concentrate on eFootball 2024, including its release date and additional features.

eFootball 2024 Release Date

The official release date for eFootball 2024 was September 7. This occurred at the end of the Season 0 campaign. Between September 4 and September 7, large-scale maintenance was performed in order to deliver an improved gameplay experience for the upcoming season.

Following last season’s promotions and relegations in domestic leagues, squads in major leagues were also revised to include player transfers and new teams.

The game was available on consoles beginning September 6, allowing you to download it before the start of Season 1 of eFootball 2024. Players got access to “Trial Matches” during this brief duration. On September 7, however, full online services were resumed.

What Are the New Features in Efootball 2024?

Boosters are a new element in eFootball 2024 that allows users to improve the traits of their favorite players. While a player’s qualities are normally limited to 99, boosters allow stars in the game to exceed that limit and perform at an exaggerated level.

There are several varieties of boosters accessible in-game, including player-specific, team-wide, and ones that arise by selecting players who fit particular criteria. Meanwhile, the gameplay has been vastly improved, with dribbling and defense in particular being increased for greater realism.

eFootball 2024 Release Date

There are better control responses that allow players to reflect the skills of professional footballers in real life, as well as tactical models that allow users to coordinate their squad in a more cohesive manner.

eFootball 2024 Platforms

eFootball can be played on all of the major platforms. The game can be played on the Xbox One, the Xbox Series X|S, the PS4 and PS5 platforms, and the PC (Steam). You can also get eFootball Mobile on both iOS and Android smartphones.

 What is Efootball 2024 Leo Messi Edition?

As part of Konami’s relationship with Lionel Messi, eFootball players will get an exclusive Messi epic card with the new booster feature, a set of 10 highlight players made up of his former teammates, 11 sets of 4,000 EXP, and 300 eFootball coins.

How to Buy the eFootball 2024 Leo Messi Edition?

The game can be downloaded for free on a number of devices, but the Leo Messi Edition costs money. It costs £15.99 on PlayStation and £17.19 on both Xbox and Windows. Leo Messi has a Premium Ambassador Pack that can be bought on Steam and mobile devices.

Conclusion: EFootball 2024 arrives after considerable anticipation. Konami launched Season 1 on September 7, 2023. EFootball 2024 increases play control and adds fascinating new aspects like boosters to improve player qualities to compete with EA Sports FC 24. The game works on consoles, PC, and mobile. The Leo Messi Edition gives fans exclusive stuff. Fan immersion should improve with eFootball 2024 as football gaming advances. Play eFootball 2024 and experience its thrills!

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