Dota 2 Liquipedia: Journey From Brood War to Dota 2!

In the year 2000, the Dutch founded their professional team, Team Liquid. The team began as a Brood War clan before transitioning to StarCraft II during the SC2 Beta in 2010 and immediately climbed to fame as one of the strongest Western squads. On December 6, 2012, Team Dota 2 was finally presented. After winning The International in 2017, the squad finished second at The International 2019.

People automatically think of Team Liquid when they think of, the organization’s primary website. It has developed to become the greatest online StarCraft and Dota 2 resource, attracting thousands of users and several professional players since its beginning on May 1, 2001. On August 30, 2012, began Dota 2 coverage.

This site hosts the Liquipedia wiki for Brood War, StarCraft II, Hearthstone, Dota 2, Super Smash Bros. Melee, Heroes of the Storm, and Overwatch, in addition to the TLPD, which is a directory of professional gamers. On August 16, 2022, liquidized apologized for the confusion they made about internationally qualified teams’ standings on their Dota 2 wiki.

History of Dota 2 Liquipedia

Team Liquid is projected to be among the favourites at The International in 2017. They’d be seeded in Group A for the upcoming Stage 1, where they’d face off against teams like Evil Geniuses, LGD Gaming, and Team Secret. Team Liquid made a good start in the Group Stage, and after a close race with LGD Gaming for first place, they won the group with a 13-3 record.

This meant they might face either Virtus. Pro or Invictus Gaming, the third and fourth-place teams from Group B, in the Main Event’s Upper Bracket. Team Liquid chose to play in their first match instead of facing the more aggressive Russian team.

Dota 2 Liquipedia

Unfortunately, Team Liquid’s first set of the main event did not go as planned, as they were ousted from further contention with a 1-2 loss to it. To make it to the Grand Finals, they would need to have a run similar to Digital Chaos’s at The International 2016. They went up against Team Secret in the first round of the Lower Bracket and lost a game against them.

With one game remaining, Team Liquid was on the verge of elimination, but it wouldn’t be the last time they faced elimination throughout the tournament. Team Liquid advanced to the Lower Bracket finals after overcoming another surprising candidate, Team Empire, as well as two other favorites, Virtus. Pro and LGD Gaming.

There, they encountered another surprise rival, LGD. Forever Young. Only two of LFY’s Group B matches were lost, and they had never lost a match on the main stage until the Grand Final against Newbee. After losing the first game of the Lower Bracket final to LFY, Team Liquid found itself in yet another vulnerable position.

However, with the assistance of MinD ContRoL’s Nature’s Prophet, they were able to reclaim victory and turn the series around. Team Liquid went off against Newbee in the Grand Final. Team Liquid had never previously lost a series versus Newbee, and their winning streak continued as they won the series 3-0. They became the seventh team to win The International and the associated prize fund of about $10 million USD.

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The Aegis would be won for the first time by a team comprised of players from five different countries, as well as the first time a 3-0 whitewash occurred in a TI Grand Final. Newbee’s Faith was also denied from winning The International for the second time as a member of the Invictus Gaming squad. The winner of TI has always been a mix of Chinese and Western teams, and Liquid’s victory continued that pattern.

Conclusion: Team Liquid won The International 2017 with determination and resilience. The 2000 Dutch clan moved to Dota 2 and encountered challenges and eliminations during the event. Players from five countries won The Aegis after their resilience and adaptability. Through their Liquipedia contributions, Team Liquid’s legacy lives on in Dota 2.

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