Can You Play Black Ops 2 On Ps5? Finding Out PlayStation 5 Compatibility!

Navigating the world of PlayStation 5 backward compatibility can be a perplexing experience, and we’re here to help. In this investigation, we look into the compatibility of a popular title, Black Ops 2, on the PS5. Find out if this legendary game from the past has a place in today’s gaming world.

But, before we divulge the conclusion, let’s first examine how the PS5’s backward compatibility works and speculate on the future of Black Ops 2.

Can You Play Black Ops 2 on PS5?

Now that we know PS5 doesn’t have a lot of backward compatibility, we can say that Black Ops 2 is NOT available on PS5. Black Ops 2 was released for PS3, and if we believe the official statement above, it won’t work on PS5, even if you had the chance to change it to PS4.

It’s too bad that the game came out in November 2012, because if it had come out a year later with PS4, it could have been played on PS5.

How Does Playstation 5’s Backward Compatibility Work?

Backward compatibility is a feature of a console that makes it possible for a newer console to play games made for older platforms. But, sadly, the PS5’s backward compatibility can only go so far back. In short, the PS5 only works with PS4 games when it comes to disc-based games.

PS5’s official words are as follows:

The PlayStation®5 console is backward compatible with the overwhelming majority of PlayStation®4 games. –

This is not the same case with PS3

According to the official statement:

PS5 consoles do not support PlayStation®3 discs. –

What About the Other Call of Duty Games?

Black Ops 2 can’t be played on the PS5, but other Call of Duty games can. Most PS4 games can be played on the PS5, and that includes the most recent Call of Duty games like Black Ops Cold War and Modern Warfare.

If you already own these games for the PS4, you can easily play them on the PS5. But it’s important to know that some older Call of Duty games, like those from the original PlayStation or the PlayStation 2, won’t work on the PS5.

Can Black Ops 2 Be Found on Playstation Now?

PlayStation Now is a paid service that lets you watch older games, including some from the PlayStation 3, online. Basically, the PS5’s DISC-based backward support only goes back to the PS4. If the PlayStation Now membership service has a digital version of a PS2 or PS3 game, it WILL work on PS5.

But there is also bad news. Black Ops 2 is not available as a download on PlayStation Now. We don’t know if it will ever be available, but I wouldn’t hold my breath, especially since Sony’s foe, Microsoft Game Studios, bought Activision.

Can You Play Black Ops 2 On Ps5

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Will Black Ops 2 Ever Be Remastered?

If you love Black Ops 2, you might want to wait for it to be remade for PS5. But, like most remastered or remade games, Black Ops 2 Remastered/Remake is likely to be released as a separate game, not as an upgrade to the one you got for PS3. This means that you have to pay for it.

Some FAQs About Playstaion 5 and Black Ops 2

1. Is Black Ops 2 Playable on the PS5?

No, unfortunately. Black Ops 2 is not yet available for the PlayStation 5. Because of the PS5’s restricted backward compatibility, it can only play PS4 games, and Black Ops 2 was only published for the PS3.

2. How Does Backward Compatibility on the PlayStation 5 Work?

Backward compatibility on the PlayStation 5 allows it to play games from previous systems. It is crucial to remember, however, that the PS5 is mostly compatible with PS4 games, particularly disc-based games. It does not recognize PlayStation 3 discs.

3. What About Other Call of Duty Games on the PlayStation 5?

While Black Ops 2 is incompatible with the PS5 due to its outdated platform, most current Call of Duty games made for the PS4 are. If you have these PS4 games, you may easily play them on the PS5. Older Call of Duty games, such as those from the original PlayStation or PlayStation 2, will, however, not run on the PS5.

4. Is Black Ops 2 Available on PlayStation Now?

No, Black Ops 2 is not available for download on PlayStation Now. PlayStation Now primarily provides digital copies of PS2 and PS3 titles, whereas the PS5’s disc compatibility is confined to the PS4.

5. Will Black Ops 2 ever be remastered for the PlayStation 5?

While there is no confirmation, if you like Black Ops 2, you should keep a watch out for a possible remastered or rebuilt version for the PS5. However, such editions are often sold as new games rather than as upgrades to the original PS3 version, requiring you to buy them separately.

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