Blue Essence Emporium 2023: Spending Your Surplus in League of Legends!

If you’ve played League of Legends for a while, you’re certainly familiar with and have an abundance of the Blue Essence cash. Originally used to buy champions, people who own everyone on the roster are likely to have hoards of these little blue crystals with no use for them.

Fortunately, Riot has solved the problem by adding the Essence Emporium, a mystical shop where players may exchange Blue Essence for chromas, icons, emotes, and more! However, the store is only open for a limited period, so you’ll want to know when the next one opens. Do you want to know when you can dump a lot of Blue Essence? We’ve got your back.

Blue Essence Emporium 2023 Return Date?

In the patch notes, the League of Legends developers announced that the Essence Emporium will be back in Patch 13.17. The shop was open on September 6, 2023, and was open for two weeks until it closed on September 20, 2023.

Blue Essence Emporium 2023

Items From the Lol Essence Shop

The Essence Emporium is full of small cosmetic items like emotes, ward skins, and icons. Players can also buy chromas for a small number of skins that came out during that year.

Here’s what we know about the Essence Emporium in Patch 13.17:

  • 2,500 BE for 39 new Champie icons
  • 150,000 BE: Urfwick Skin
  • 1,500 BCE: Mystery Icons
  • Chronos: 1,000 BE
  • 10,000 BE: Emerald Chromas
  • Skins for Mystery Ward: 4,900 BE

It’s important to know that you can’t buy the new icons for each champion and their area with Blue Essence. Instead, they will be sold separately in the regular shop.

What’s in the Blue Essence Emporium in 2023?

Now that the Essence Emporium is live in 2023 with LoL Patch 13.17, players can use their Blue Essence balance to buy their favorite chromas for their skin collection as well as emotes, ward skins, symbols, and more. The URFWick skin may also be purchased for 150 Thousand Blue Essence. In addition, for this iteration of the limited-time shop, users can purchase charming Champie icons.

However, some players are dismayed with the Blue Essence Emporium’s return in 2023 because the following crowd favorites are no longer available:

  • Chest of mystery icons
  • Ward Skin with a Mysterious Origin
  • Chromas are scarce.

One Reddit user wrote, “Waiting that much for this year’s Blue Essence Emporium felt bad. What did Riot really do with their time “fixing” the Essence emporium? It feels exactly like the old one and with fewer options now…”

Waiting that much for this year’s Blue Essence Emporium felt bad
byu/BrWolf inleagueoflegends

Players have been reporting crashes and issues in the game since the store went live on the client.

How Long Is the 2023 Blue Essence Emporium Live?

The Blue Essence Emporium 2023 was released on September 6th at 8 pm UTC and was available to the client for approximately two weeks until September 20th at 8 pm UTC.

This edition of the store, according to the community, was a tremendous letdown. Especially since the devs stated that running the Essence Empoirum was wasteful, causing “delays and feature cuts in other projects,” and Riot Games planned to investigate navigation and usability improvements for the Essence Empoirum’s return.

Riot Games has not yet responded, and as is customary, devs may provide context to the adjustments made on the Reddit threads in the following days.

Conclusion: The Essence Emporium returned in 2023 with League of Legends Patch 13.17, giving players the opportunity to spend their extra Blue Essence on various in-game products. However, several players were dissatisfied with the smaller options in comparison to earlier incarnations. The store was open from September 6 until September 20, 2023, but its future is unknown as the community waits for Riot Games to provide updates.”

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