Unleash Your Power: Blox Fruits Tier List 2023

Roblox’s Blox Fruits is a game that takes inspiration from the beloved Shonen manga and anime, One Piece. In this virtual world, you embark on epic adventures across the vast seas and gain incredible abilities by consuming Blox Fruits.

The release of update 20.1 on November 2, 2023, brought in new fruits, and now it’s time to explore the latest Blox Fruits tier list, helping you identify the mightiest fruits in the game.

Understanding Blox Fruits

Before diving into the tier list, it’s essential to grasp how Blox Fruits works. These mysterious fruits in the game grant specific abilities upon consumption. However, they come with a significant drawback – users become unable to swim and face the risk of drowning when exposed to water for too long.

Blox fruits are categorized into three types: Natural, Elemental, and Beast. Each type offers unique abilities and powers. To make an informed choice on which fruit suits your playstyle best, let’s delve into the Blox Fruits tier list of 2023, taking into account the latest update, 20.1.

Natural Blox Fruits (Paramecia-Type Devil Fruits)

Natural Blox Fruits provide users with the ability to manipulate various natural forces and items. Some common examples include Spin, which allows users to create destructive winds, and Rubber, which grants elasticity.

Complete List of Natural Fruits & Their Rarities (2023):

  • Spin (Common)
  • Chop (Common)
  • Spring (Common)
  • Bomb (Common)
  • Spike (Common)
  • Rocket (Common) – added in Update 20
  • Diamond (Uncommon)
  • Rubber (Rare)
  • Barrier (Rare)
  • Ghost (Rare) – added in Update 20.1
  • Quake (Legendary)
  • Portal (Legendary)
  • Love (Legendary)
  • Spider (Legendary)
  • Sound (Legendary) – added in Update 20
  • Pain (Legendary) – added in Update 20
  • Gravity (Mythical)
  • Shadow (Mythical)
  • Venom (Mythical)
  • Control (Mythical)
  • Spirit (Mythical)

Elemental Blox Fruits (Logia-Type Devil Fruits)

Blox Fruits Tier List 2023

Elemental Blox Fruits enable users to harness the properties of various elements like smoke, fire, and ice. One notable advantage of these fruits is the passive ability to nullify damage from lower-level enemies.

Complete List of Elemental Fruits & Their Rarities (2023):

  • Smoke (Common)
  • Flame (Uncommon)
  • Ice (Uncommon)
  • Sand (Uncommon)
  • Dark (Uncommon)
  • Light (Rare)
  • Magma (Rare)
  • Rumble (Legendary)
  • Blizzard (Legendary)
  • Dough (Mythical)

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Beast Blox Fruits (Zoan-Type Devil Fruits)

Beast Blox Fruits are the rarest type, allowing users to transform into powerful creatures. The Dragon fruit, for instance, lets users take the form of a fire-breathing serpent.

Complete List of Beast Fruits & Their Rarities (2023):

  • Falcon (Uncommon)
  • Buddha (Legendary)
  • Phoenix (Legendary)
  • Dragon (Mythical)
  • Leopard (Mythical)
  • Mammoth (Mythical) – added in Update 20

Blox Fruits Tier List (2023 Update 20.1)

Now, let’s explore the Blox Fruits tier list, dividing fruits into Natural, Elemental, and Beast categories:

Blox Fruits Tier List – Natural Fruits

  • S: Shadow, Soul, Venom, Ghost
  • A: Quake, Barrier, Spider, Control, Sound
  • B: Portal, Gravity, Diamond, Pain
  • C: Spring, Rubber, Love
  • D: Chop, Bomb, Spin, Spike, Rocket

Blox Fruits Tier List – Elemental Fruits

  • S: Dough, Blizzard, Dark, Ice
  • A: Flame, Magma, Light, Rumble
  • B: Sand
  • C: Smoke

Blox Fruits Tier List – Beast Fruits

  • S: Buddha, Leopard, Dragon, Mammoth
  • A: Phoenix
  • B: Falcon

Blox Fruits Tier List – Strong Fruits of All Types

  • S: Shadow, Blizzard, Leopard, Buddha, Soul, Dough, Rumble, Dragon, Dark, Venom, Ghost, Mammoth
  • A: Light, Quake, Barrier, Flame, Phoenix, Magma, Control, Spider
  • B: Portal, Diamond, Ice, Sand, Gravity, Sound, Pain
  • C: Falcon, Spring, Rubber, Smoke, Love
  • D: Chop, Bomb, Spike, Spin, Rocket

Getting Blox Fruits: Different Ways

To obtain Blox Fruits, there are several methods:

  • Purchasing fruits from the Blox Fruit Dealer or the Blox Fruit Gacha.
  • Collecting fruits that spawn every hour or every 45 minutes during weekends.
  • Meeting specific conditions during raids.
  • Dealing the final blow to the last enemy while defending Castle on the Sea.

Choose Your Blox Fruit Wisely

As you embark on your Blox Fruits adventure, use this tier list to guide your choice. Remember that S-tier fruits are highly coveted, and while obtaining them may not be easy, patience and determination will eventually lead you to the fruit that perfectly complements your playstyle. Happy gaming in the world of Blox Fruits!

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