Best Tack Shooter Path in BTD6: Mastering Tack Shooters!

While I can’t say the Tack Shooter finds a lot of use in Bloons TD 6 because there aren’t many tracks with appropriate placement for them, there are some occasions where players will want to rely on them owing to their high damage output.

Tack Shooters can do damage in a circle, making them excellent for maps with circles, but they can also be used on corners, allowing them to attack on two or three sides. Tack Shooters frequently deal with sharp projectiles, but depending on the path players choose to advance to, the Tack Shooter can employ fire damage instead.

As with other towers, all three versions of Tack Shooters have different applications depending on which map players are playing on. In contrast, certain upgrades will undoubtedly be used more than others owing to their versatility.

Best Tack Shooter Path in BTD6

Choosing the right tower in Bloons Tower Defense might make all the difference. Today, we’ll look at three different tower types: the Inferno Ring, the Super Maelstrom, and the Tack Zone.

Each brings its own set of skills to the battlefield, allowing players to experiment with a variety of strategies. So, let’s plunge into these towers and uncover their balloon-popping potential.

1. Inferno Ring

The Inferno Ring is a strong option that can kill both weak and strong blooms. Astronomers that attack stronger bloons do damage. But its burning hot flame ring quickly kills the smaller blooms, especially ZOMG.

Even though it costs more, the Inferno Ring is better on harder levels because it has a longer range and does more damage to a larger area. Like most Tack Shooter upgrades, the Inferno Ring works best when put as close to the track as possible so that its flame ring attacks are as powerful as possible.

With an Inferno Ring Tack Shooter, players can cross paths in a number of different ways. They can pick whichever one they want. Every time you level up on Path 2, you’ll get 20 pieces. Most of the time that is the best choice because the Inferno Ring can shoot up to 80 blooms.

The Inferno Ring’s range gets a little better when it is upgraded to tier-5 through Path 1. Path 2 will make it even better. As players reach the end of Path 3, they will receive an extra damage boost of 1.

Most of the time, a Tack Shooter’s ability to kill more bloons is better than their ability to do two harm. That’s especially true when you think about how fast the Inferno Ring shoots.

2. Super Maelstrom

The Super Maelstrom tower is cheap and has a lot of popping power for balloons. It is a useful and successful tower. The best time to use the Super Maelstrom skill is in a Tack Shooter Race Event. In fact, it can fire many shots at once to kill the huge number of balloons that are appearing.

This tower is great for Pat because it’s easy for him to melt thick RBE rounds. In the same way, towers that make bloons more likely to attack, like Super Brittle, are very helpful for this tactic. The Super Maelstrom Tack Shooter is useful because it doesn’t need a cross route because it’s mostly meant to be used by the ability.

Best Tack Shooter Path in BTD6

When using the Super Maelstrom Track Shooter on a crosspath, players should only pick Path 1 to speed up the attack. Path 3 does not do more damage, though, because most or all of the saw blades will be able to hit the bloons because they will be close enough together.

Also, players often pair the Super Maelstrom with Pat Fusty or buildings that freeze blooms, like the Bomb Shooter or Ice Monkey, with Bloon Crush.

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3. The Tack Zone

The Tack Zone is a very flexible tower, even though its range isn’t very big. When used with other powerful towers, the Tack Zone is a very strong tower. That’s because it attacks quickly and sends out a lot of bullets with each shot.

You can still take a lot of damage from the waves of tacks that are sent out at once if you put it in a place with a lot of MOAB-class blooms, like a place with a lot of people and a lot of tight turns. When all 32 high-damage tacks are directed at the same target in the middle of the Tack Zone, MOAB-class blooms can be killed.

To get the most out of the Tack Zone, buffs that raise damage, attack speed, penetration, and range should be put there first. It might need more pierces to fight off the Super Ceramics rise. You can slow down the Tack Zone’s attack so that it only fires one shot every 0.1181 seconds.

That is if a person comes across Path 1, which is the only way that works. A player suggested using Tach Zone for the early stages of BTD6; you can check out his Tweet below.

With a Path 1 improvement, the Tack Zone becomes almost impossible to damage. As long as the Tack Shooter’s range is raised so that it can cover the whole circle, the tower will still take a lot of damage from the Tack Zone’s increased range.

You can do a lot more damage with the Tack Zone if you team it up with an Engineer Monkey with Overclock and an Alchemist Monkey with Stronger Stimulant (4/-/-).

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