The Ultimate Beginner’s Guide to Blox Fruits: Become a Pirate or Marine Master

Are you ready to embark on an epic adventure and become the strongest pirate or marine in the world of Blox Fruits? This Roblox game, inspired by the beloved manga and anime series One Piece, offers a thrilling journey of exploration, power, and legendary treasures.

In this comprehensive beginner’s guide, we’ll take you through the basics of how to play Blox Fruits, including character progression, combat mechanics, and essential tips and tricks to help you become a formidable force in the game.

What Is the Blox Fruits Game About?

Released on the Roblox platform in January 2019, Blox Fruits draws inspiration from One Piece, a renowned manga and anime series. While the One Piece story revolves around the pursuit of the elusive One Piece treasure, Blox Fruits focuses on exploration and the acquisition of mysterious Blox fruits and other valuable items.

Blox fruits are edible items that grant players a variety of supernatural abilities, similar to the devil fruits in One Piece. These fruits are categorized into three types: Natural, Elemental, and Beast Blox Fruits. The game constantly evolves, with new Blox Fruits introduced in updates.

Here’s a list of available Blox Fruits as of November 7, 2023:

Natural Blox Fruits

  • Rocket (Common)
  • Spin (Common)
  • Chop (Common)
  • Spring (Common)
  • Bomb (Common)
  • Spike (Common)
  • Diamond (Uncommon)
  • Rubber (Rare)
  • Barrier (Rare)
  • Ghost (Rare)
  • Quake (Legendary)
  • Love (Legendary)
  • Spider (Legendary)
  • Sound (Legendary)
  • Portal (Legendary)
  • Pain (Legendary)
  • Gravity (Mythical)
  • Shadow (Mythical)
  • Venom (Mythical)
  • Control (Mythical)
  • Spirit (Mythical)

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Elemental Blox Fruits

  • Smoke (Common)
  • Flame (Uncommon)
  • Ice (Uncommon)
  • Sand (Uncommon)
  • Dark (Uncommon)
  • Light (Rare)
  • Magma (Rare)
  • Rumble (Legendary)
  • Blizzard (Legendary)
  • Dough (Mythical)

Beast Blox Fruits

  • Falcon (Uncommon)
  • Buddha (Legendary)
  • Phoenix (Legendary)
  • Mammoth (Mythical)
  • Dragon (Mythical)
  • Leopard (Mythical)

Some Blox Fruits have been removed or replaced in previous updates. These items are now unobtainable:

  • Kilo
  • Revive
  • Door
  • String
  • Paw
  • Soul

For guidance on the best Blox Fruits for your character, check out our Blox Fruits Tier List.

How to Play Blox Fruits: Starting the Game

When you first enter the world of Blox Fruits, you’ll be faced with an important decision: choose to be a pirate or a marine. Your choice determines your initial spawn location and alignment, but you can change sides as you progress.

Pirates start on the Pirate Starter Island, while Marines begin on the Marine Starter Island, both situated in the First Sea. Additionally, your character’s race is randomly assigned, with a higher chance of becoming human. Each race offers unique buffs and passive abilities, displayed in the top-right corner of your Stats window. You can change your race later for a fee.

How to Play Blox Fruits: The Controls

Blox Fruits’ controls vary depending on the platform you’re using to play Roblox games. Here are the basic controls for PC and Xbox:

Roblox Blox Fruits: Keyboard Controls

  • W, A, S, D: Move your character in different directions.
  • Ctrl: Toggle your character between running and walking.
  • Space: Jump (You can jump multiple times if you learn Air Jump).
  • Q: Dash.
  • Z: Activate your Blox Fruit/Weapon’s 1st ability.
  • X: Activate your Blox Fruit/Weapon’s 2nd ability.
  • C: Activate your Blox Fruit’s 3rd ability.
  • F: Activate your Blox Fruit’s 4th ability.
  • Number Keys: Switch between Combat Mode, using your Blox Fruit abilities, weapons, etc.
  • Arrow Keys: Alternative to WASD, move your character with the up and down arrows, and move the camera using the left and right arrows.
  • Mouse (Left Click): Interact with NPCs and perform normal attacks with your equipped weapon.
  • J: Turn on/off your Aura or Buso Haki.
  • E/K: Turn on/off your Instinct or Observation Haki.
  • I: Zoom in your camera.
  • O: Zoom out your camera.
  • Mouse (Scroll): Alternative keys for zooming your camera in and out.
  • T: Activate race ability.

Roblox Blox Fruits: Xbox Controls

For those playing Blox Fruits on Xbox or using a controller on PC, the controls are as follows:

  • Left joystick: Move your character in different directions.
  • Left joystick (Press): Toggle your character between running and walking.
  • A: Jump (You can jump multiple times if you learn Air Jump).
  • Left joystick (2x Forward): Dash.
  • X: Activate your Blox Fruit/Weapon’s 1st ability.
  • Y: Activate your Blox Fruit/Weapon’s 2nd ability.
  • B: Activate your Blox Fruit’s 3rd ability.
  • Directional Pad (Right): Activate your Blox Fruit’s 4th ability.
  • LB/RB: Switch between Combat Mode, using your Blox Fruit abilities, weapons, etc.
  • Directional Pad (Left): Open Shop.
  • Directional Pad (Up): Open Stats.
  • RT: Interact with NPCs and perform normal attacks with your equipped weapon.
  • Directional Pad (Down): Turn on/off your Aura or Buso Haki.
  • Directional Pad (Right): Turn on/off your Instinct or Observation Haki.
  • Right joystick (Press): Zoom your camera in and out.
  • Right joystick: Move your camera.

The Blox Fruits Interface

As you play Blox Fruits, you’ll encounter various elements on your screen that play crucial roles in the game. Understanding these elements is essential to your progress:

  • Audio symbol: Mute or unmute Blox Fruits audio.
  • Gear symbol: Access Blox Fruits Basic Settings, enabling options like the damage counter, Fast Mode, or PVP settings.
  • Skull symbol: Create your crew (requires at least level 300).
  • Three-person symbol: View a list of your allies.
  • Present symbol: Access the Rewards window to redeem boosts by using the latest Blox Fruits codes.
  • Compass symbol: Shows the location of the best quest relative to your current level.
  • Menu bar: Provides access to the Stats, Items, and Shop windows.
  • Health bar: Displays your health points, which decrease when taking damage. If your health reaches zero, your character respawns at your last designated home point.
  • Energy bar: Shows your energy points, consumed when performing actions like dashing, jumping, and using Blox Fruits and weapon abilities.
  • Money: Indicates your in-game currency.
  • Tabs: Toggle various actions and access your Fighting Style, Weapon, and Blox fruits Mastery levels.
  • Players: Shows the number of other players in your server.

How to Play Blox Fruits: Combat Mechanics

Now, let’s dive into the heart of Blox Fruits: combat. You’ll face numerous challenges on your journey, and you have several ways to deal damage to your foes. You can utilize Blox Fruit abilities, Fighting Styles, swords, and guns to emerge victorious. Your choice of combat style will significantly impact your character’s development.

Blox Fruits

  • Items: Blox Fruits are consumable items that provide unique abilities to the user.
  • Acquisition: Obtain Blox Fruits through purchase, trade, or gifting. Eating a Blox Fruit, however, prevents the user from swimming, and prolonged exposure to water can result in death.
  • Examples: Rocket, Buddha, Ghost, Magma, Mammoth.

Fighting Styles

  • Skills: Fighting Styles replace your default combat options and come in various forms.
  • Learning: You can learn Fighting Styles by seeking guidance from teachers scattered throughout the Blox Fruits world.
  • Examples: Superhuman, God Human, Sharkman Karate, Dragon Talon.


  • Weapons: Swords are designed for melee combat and provide specific abilities beyond normal attacks.
  • Acquisition: Obtain swords through various means and upgrade them by consulting a Blacksmith NPC.
  • Examples: Saber, Yama, Tushita, Cursed Dual Katana.


  • Weapons: Guns enable long-distance attacks and possess unique abilities similar to swords.
  • Upgrades: Like swords, guns can be upgraded with the assistance of Blacksmiths.
  • Examples: Flintlock, Cannon, Refined Musket, Bazooka.

Your choice of combat style will influence your character’s progression, so consider your preferences early on to maximize your character’s potential. You can specialize in multiple ways of dealing damage, but ensure that your stat distribution aligns with your chosen combat methods.

Leveling up Your Blox Fruit Character, Building Stats, and Mastery

To strengthen your character in Blox Fruits, you’ll embark on quests, defeat enemies, and level up your character. Your journey begins on Starter Island, where you’ll encounter an NPC offering your first quest.


  • Initiation: Accept the quest to start your adventure. Completing quests is crucial for character development, earning money, and unlocking new locations.
  • Pirate vs. Marine: If you’re a pirate, your initial task is to defeat five bandits (Trainees for Marines).
  • Reward: You’ll be rewarded with stat points each time you level up, which can be allocated to enhance your character’s abilities.

Stat Points

  • Allocation: Unallocated stat points are indicated by a number on your Stats bar. Open your Stats window to assign these points.
  • Effect of Stats:
    • Melee: Increases damage on Fighting Styles and maximum energy.
    • Defense: Boosts maximum health.
    • Sword: Enhances sword damage.
    • Gun: Amplifies gun damage.
    • Blox Fruit: Strengthens Blox Fruit abilities.

While you can specialize in a particular combat style, beginners are encouraged to prioritize Melee and Defense stats. This choice enhances your mobility and survivability as you grind for experience points.

Blox Fruits Mastery

In addition to stat points, you can enhance your character’s abilities through Mastery. Defeating enemies with specific weapons or abilities earns you Mastery points, making you more proficient in wielding them and dealing increased damage over time. Mastery applies to Blox Fruit abilities, swords, and guns, offering a long-term boost to your character’s power.

How to Play Blox Fruits: List of Locations in the Game

As you progress and grow stronger, you’ll outgrow the challenges of the Starter Island. Your compass will guide you to new locations where you can undertake quests with better rewards. The routine of completing quests and leveling up is essential for accessing locations with more formidable foes.

To reach your next destination, speak to the boat dealer on the pier of Starter Island, where you’ll find several boat options. As a beginner, you can opt for the free Dinghy.

First Sea

Location: Starter Island

  • Level Requirements: 0-15

Location: Jungle Island

  • Level Requirements: 15-30

Location: Pirate Village

  • Level Requirements: 30-60

Location: Desert

  • Level Requirements: 60-90

Location: Middle Island

  • Level Requirements: 100

Location: Frozen Village

  • Level Requirements: 90-120

Location: Marine Fortress

  • Level Requirements: 120-150

Location: Skylands

  • Level Requirements: 150-200 (additional areas at Level 450-575)

Location: Prison

  • Level Requirements: 190-275

Location: Colosseum

  • Level Requirements: 225-300

Location: Magma Village

  • Level Requirements: 300

Location: Underwater City

  • Level Requirements: 374-450

Location: Fountain City

  • Level Requirements: 625-700

Second Sea

Location: Kingdom of Rose

  • Level Requirements: 700-850

Location: Usoap’s Island

  • Level Requirements: 700

Location: Cafe

  • Level Requirements: 700

Location: Don Swan’s Mansion

  • Level Requirements: 700

Location: Green Zone

  • Level Requirements: 875-925

Location: Graveyard Island

  • Level Requirements: 950-975

Location: Snow Mountain

  • Level Requirements: 1000-1050

Location: Hot and Cold

  • Level Requirements: 1100-1200

Location: Cursed Ship

  • Level Requirements: 1000-1325

Location: Ice Castle

  • Level Requirements: 1350-1400

Location: Forgotten Island

  • Level Requirements: 1425-1475

Location: Dark Arena

  • Level Requirements: 1000

Third Sea

Location: Port Town

  • Level Requirements: 1500-1575

Location: Hydra Island

  • Level Requirements: 1575-1675

Location: Great Tree

  • Level Requirements: 1700-1750

Location: Floating Turtle

  • Level Requirements: 1775-2000

Location: Castle on the Sea

Location: Haunted Castle

  • Level Requirements: 1975-2075

Location: Sea of Treats

  • Level Requirements: 2075-2275

Location: Tiki Outpost

  • Level Requirements: 2450-2550

These locations offer unique challenges, quests, and opportunities for character development as you progress through the First, Second, and Third Seas. Consult your compass to guide you to your next destination.

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