Baldur’s Gate 3 Physical Edition: Patch 5 Confirmed on Xbox Series X

In a move that highlights a commitment to the physical gaming experience, Larian Studios, the developer behind Baldur’s Gate 3, has confirmed that the Xbox Series X physical edition of the game will include Patch 5 on the disc. This decision comes as Patch 5 addresses various issues, including slowdown problems introduced by the previous patch. Let’s delve into the details of this development and what it means for players.

Patch 5 Inclusion in Xbox Series X Physical Edition

1. Fixing Act 3 Slowdowns

  • Patch 5, set to launch this week, specifically addresses slowdown issues in Act 3 that were introduced by Patch 4.
  • The inclusion of this patch on the Xbox Series X physical edition ensures that players will have an optimized and smoother experience right from the start.

2. Confirmation from Larian Studios

  • Michael Douse, the Director of Publishing at Larian, confirmed the inclusion of Patch 5 on the Xbox Series X physical edition in a post on X/Twitter.
  • However, work is still ongoing to determine the exact version for the PlayStation 5 edition.

Innovative Approach to Physical Media

1. Three-Disc Set for Xbox Series X

  • The Xbox Series X physical edition boasts a substantial three-disc set, indicating a departure from the conventional single-disc approach.
  • Larian views this experiment as the potential future of physical media, blending learning from the Collector’s Edition to offer what they consider unbeatable value.

2. Two Discs for PS5, One for PC

  • The PS5 version ships with two discs, while the PC version adopts a streamlined approach with just one disc hosting a custom installer and a Steam key.

3. Exclusive Offerings in Physical Deluxe Edition

  • The physical Deluxe Edition, available exclusively on the Larian store, goes beyond a standard release.
  • It includes an oversized exclusive game box, the original soundtrack on 3 CDs, a cloth world map, fabric patches, stickers, and an art poster, providing additional value for players.

4. Emphasis on Value and Experimentation

  • Michael Douse expressed Larian’s understanding of the value of physical media despite challenges in archiving games.
  • The studio sees this experiment as a way to navigate the changing landscape of game distribution and maintain a connection with physical media enthusiasts.

Preordering and Studio Recognition

1. Exclusivity and Preorders

  • The physical edition is exclusively sold on the Larian store, where it is currently available for preorder.
  • Larian emphasizes that it’s not a Collector’s Edition, discouraging panic buying and advising against purchasing from scalpers.

2. Recognition and Teasers

  • Larian Studios is riding high on the success of Baldur’s Gate 3, with numerous awards and nominations.
  • The studio is set to announce the long-awaited Xbox release date at the Game Awards on December 7 and has begun teasing its “next big game.”


Larian Studios’ decision to include Patch 5 on the Xbox Series X physical edition of Baldur’s Gate 3 showcases a dedication to player experience and an innovative approach to physical media. As the gaming landscape evolves, this experiment in multi-disc physical editions and ongoing support for patches on disc may set a precedent for how developers navigate the changing dynamics of game distribution. Whether this approach proves successful or not, it undoubtedly adds an interesting layer to the evolving relationship between physical and digital gaming experiences.

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