Apex Legends Patch Notes Update 2.34: Latest Improvements!

Apex Legends update 2.34 is now available on PS4, PC, and Xbox. Respawn made this update. The official patch notes for Apex Legends 2.34 say that the latest update fixes a few small problems with the game. Aside from this, today’s update 2.34 of Apex Legends also makes the game more stable and faster.

Before, update 2.32 for Apex Legends added new features and made other changes to the game. Players still have a number of problems with the game, which is a shame. The 2.34 patch for Apex Legends has claimed to fix some of these problems.

Apex Legends Patch Notes Update 2.34

  • Rev shell damage event challenge dropped from 1000 to 500
  • Graphics and speed changes for the Switch
  • Fixed a problem that stopped battle pass upgrades
  • Fixes for PC images that have to do with the setting for “Dynamic Streaming Budget.”

It’s not clear yet if today’s update fixed the problems listed above, but Respawn is scheduled to release the official changelog in the next few hours. Make sure to check back soon because as soon as the full patch notes come out, we’ll add them to this story.

The game’s Trello board shows that many other problems are also being looked into. But these problems still say “investigating” instead of “fix in progress.” You can look at the other problems that Respawn is still looking into below:

  • Some parts of the game may stutter if you play at 165 FPS or more.
  • When leaving a Trident, legends can change.
  • Refers to FS_CheckAsyncRequest and crashes when a map is loaded.
  • Again, check back here soon for the actual patch notes.

Apex Legends Patch Notes Update 2.34

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When Will Apex Legends Season 19 Come Out?

We don’t yet have an official release date for Apex Legends Season 19, but we anticipate it will be on October 31st, 2023, at 10 AM PT / 1 PM ET / 5 PM GMT. This hunch is based on the game’s continuous countdown for the existing battle pass, which corresponds to Apex Legends’ standard update timeline.

While Respawn has not yet officially confirmed this date, we anticipate that it will be the launch date unless there are any unexpected delays. The current season ends on October 30, and because this comes on a Monday—a non-standard update day for the game—October 31 appears to be a more plausible possibility for the release of Season 19.

Conclusion: Apex Legends update 2.34 fixes minor issues and boosts speed and stability on PS4, PC, and Xbox. The patch notes list changes, but players await Respawn’s entire changelog. The game’s developers are exploring and fixing other bugs to improve gameplay. Apex Legends Season 19 will debut on October 31 as normal.

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