Secrets of Mirage, a New Indie MMO.


secretsofmirage character select

   Today I was approached to try out a new retro-style MMO, which I was eager to try immediately. The artstyle of the game is amazing, it looks great though it is a small portion of the screen making it a bit hard to see the different features. Switching from screen to screen when moving around is great as well, the load time is quick. They also  have several different characters that you can choose from when making your first character in the game. Its nice to have such a choice between them though there is no personalization at least in the beginning of the game.

secretsofmirage gameplay

   This game has a lot of love put into it and that is obvious, though with it being very new there are a lot of issues I can see so far. For one thing there is no place to see all the controls of the game, according to the person I was contacted on twitter about it. It was difficult to figure out how to do anything in the game at first, the  controls being awkward ones where you use arrow keys to move and the ctrl and alt key to do things. I did not play the game too long, I tried it out for about 20 minutes or so before an emergency came up and I was unable to keep trying to figure the game out. The lack of control listing at least, even if you couldn’t change what  did what, just having a list to show what actions you can do. The owner of the game says that they are working on setting up a tutorial for new users, which I am looking forward to and will try the game again at the time to see what all I’m missing out on it.  It looks like there are a lot of stores and such to go to once you have gold to spend there, but with not being able to figure out who was weak enough for me to kill I had no gold to figure it out.

pets for indie mmo

   The game itself is free to play though the re are ways you can ‘donate’ to help the cause or to get items in the game. However I highly disagree with the items you can donate for, for instance the prices of pets are 30 dollars and half of the options are actually copyrighted characters from other companies. I contacted  them about the fact they are using copyrighted things like this, and how it was not wise because it could get them in serious trouble, but so far they have not responded about it.  When they respond I will be updating this part of the article if they have anything to say about the fact they are using characters they do not own the rights to.

   For now it is just a simple review of the game until more of it is developed. Once a few issues are fixed, I think it will be a good little mmo though I’m not sure when those issues are fixed. If you wish to keep track of this MMO the website is : .  All graphics are screenshots were taken as I tried out the game.

PVE on a PVP Server, Rare But Doable

pvp realms

  We all  have times where we just don’t want to fight people on a mmo server, times where we aren’t interested in PVP at all. For me that period of time is all the time, I’m not a fan of PVP on any of the mmo’s I’ve played on so far.  Even though I do my best to avoid PVP I do have higher level people gank me often.

   I do have to wonder though when people that are a higher level than me decide to come kill me if they actually get any joy out of it, I usually  just stand there and let them do it knowing I didn’t have a chance plus I don’t  want to fight them to begin with.  When people  go and kill people lower them then and then stalk them what  do they really get out of it? Do they think it makes them superior in someway that an attack they have can one shot a person 50 some levels below them?   I also have to wonder if this started because it happened to them, so they get “revenge” by doing it to other people.  Perhaps it’s just  that they like killing or even just making things hard for someone else in the process. Though I truly think at least part of it is the revenge system, I have come out of a dungeon before and saw an Alliance member AFK at the entrance and two Horde people killing him. I commented about how that was a low thing to do,  then they just said it was fair because ‘his buddy’ had done it to them.   To me it’s still a  low thing to do with no respect in my eyes, just as killing low level people when you are way higher then them. Now I will admit to scaring low levels  at times by following them and jumping around or doing a move that wouldn’t kill them,  which perhaps is a low thing as well but at least I admit to it.

  When I go through the leveling in WoW I try to avoid the opposite group, which tends to be Alliance for me.  I try to make it through the quests without fighting people,  now if I see someone being attacked I do try to help them out with the fight just to be a good teammate. Sometimes this leads to them protecting  me while other times they just don’t notice it, but I still feel like I did a good deed for the Horde.


  Now if you are new to the game I do have to warn you if you go into the PVP realm. When you get to level 60, be careful with going to the Hellfire peninsula. That area is the worst place to go if you want to avoid ganks, if you are Horde  there  are a few Alliance who gank Thrallmar constantly. You can sit in peninsula for  5 minutes and  have your chat filled with alerts that Thrallmar is under attack. Far  as being on Alliance though at  least in the server I played on it wasn’t as bad, there was a time where a rogue was camping the main town there but that was only at one point it was typically pretty peaceful there. Another  place that you need to be careful of higher level people is in the Northrend continent, especially where either Horde or Alliance land. I have seen that the Horde starting base under attack several times and when I was on the Alliance side I had difficulties getting out of the town, a Horde member was camping the boat. The main way  to  try to get  through these areas is to either do dungeons or deal with dying constantly while trying to turn quests in, both are popular options that I have done to get through this. Other then that if you can try to play the game late at night such as 4 AM  you will avoid a lot of the gankers, as they tend to be filled with kids who go to school during the day.  All I can say about all of this though is, if you get stuck on a PVP server and don’t want to change servers, good luck to you and take advantage of the workarounds for  the heavily ganked areas.  Remember, don’t let gankers ruin all of your fun otherwise you just let them win.